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Doll News February 4, 2002

More Mini Goodies from Basic Fun

Liddle Kiddles, Barbie, G.I. Joe, Hot Wheels, Mr. Potato Head, Candy Land and Mouse Trap. These are dolls and toys that many of us remember fondly from our childhoods. Basic Fun has been in the market of bringing collectors faithfully detailed miniature key chain versions of their favorite nostalgic toys for several years now. Not only are these tiny playthings fun to collect on their own, but they also make terrific props for doll collection displays.

New this year will be "Tiny Totes", an eclectic and fun collection of miniature purses. Because these little fashion handbags will be key chain sized, they will work as accessories for both for 12" and 16" dolls. Each collectible tote will contain two surprise accessories like hair clips, charms, eyeglasses or mini-wallets. There are 24 different totes in the 4 series that have been announced. They all have clever names as well to increase the fun and collectability.

Fans of Mattelís Diva Stars will be thrilled to see them in miniature key chain size. The tiny versions of Summer, Nikki, Alexa and Tia will all have rooted hair and detailed fashion outfits. And just like the full-sized dolls, they talk! Push the flowers on their shoes and each Diva will say her name and giggle.

Four miniature Madame Alexander key chain dolls will also debut. Alice in Wonderland, Spring Bouquet Ballerina, Happy Birthday and Tinkerbell will be lovingly detailed with open/close eyes and fabric trimmings. A miniature doll box with classic Madame Alexander pink and blue stripes will add to the appeal of these little gals.

The Barbie key chains will make a comeback in 2002 and be represented with mini versions of #1 Swim Suit Barbie, Ballerina Barbie, Solo in the Spotlight Barbie and Birthday Barbie. All will have articulated arms and come with a miniature stand.

Miniature versions of the Fisher-Price classics Corn Popper, Xylophone, Rock-A-Stack and Melody Push Chimes will also be a great addition to your dollís toy box. New mini classic games include Parcheesi, Aggravation, Mr. Mouth and Donít Spill the Beans.

Last week I promised more info on Doug James and Laura Meisnerís new 19" fashion dolls, the CED Models. These tall and leggy gals were inspired by the vintage Dollikins dolls and have 14 points of articulation. This provides for enormous posing and playing possibilities. Both Doug and Laura were part of the original "Gene Team" and were the artists behind Daisy & Willow...the Mod British Birds.

The premier collection will include three dressed dolls, three separate costumes and a stylish and elegant posing chair. Shipping is estimated for late March to early June. The dolls are available directly from the artists at their website:

Many KB Toy stores currently have the entire Barbie Hollywood Movie Star series on sale for $24.99-$29.99. This is your chance to pick up the entire collection for about $130. The dolls are beautiful and the costumes are very well made. The "Hollywood Premier" doll is very Marilyn-like and actually a lot nicer then the official Marilyn Monroe doll Mattel recently released.

The next time I sit down to write this column will be during the New York Toy Fair. I am sure to have lots of news "from the front lines" for you. Make sure you check in often next week to see all of Master Collector Onlineís daily coverage.