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Mademoiselle Marie Joins the Ranks

Dreams & Visions has brought together two American institutions, Hasbro and DC Comics. Enthusiasts now have the opportunity to add a series of unique, retro-style 12" action figures to their collections. The 2002 line was released over the recent holiday season. The line includes Sgt. Rock and four Men of Easy Company, their French Resistance ally Mademoiselle Marie and the dashing 40s DC Military Adventurer, Blackhawk.

DC Art Director Ed Bolkus served as creative director on the project. He has made sure that this series is packed with great details and vintage G.I. Joe style touches. The creators have commissioned famed comic artist Joe Kubert as package artist for the Men of Easy Company and Mademoiselle Marie. GI JOE and ACTION MAN artist Don Stivers drew the Blackhawk packaging art. All the boxes are high-end versions of vintage type long boxes, window boxes and gift set boxes.

These figures are limited editions. There will be no more made after this production run. Blackhawk is limited to 2,000 units while Mademoiselle Marie is limited to 3,500. The Men of Easy Co. are limited to 4000 units per character.

Mademoiselle Marie is very important for a few reasons. She is the first combat related figure in the G.I. Joe line to have rooted hair since the rare and elusive G.I. Nurse was released in 1967. And with all due respect to the 60's doll, Marie has it all over her in the looks department. The Action Peggy and Sandy dolls released in Europe in the mid 70s by Hasbro licensees were never produced here in the U.S. as part of the G.I. Joe Adventure Team line. She also represents the first female G.I. Joe character introduced to a WW2 themed line.

Officially titled the Mademoiselle Marie Underground Demolition Operation Set, this deluxe gift set comes in a beautiful 18 x 14 inch display box featuring fabulous comic art and vintage Hasbro G.I. Joe logo graphics. The cover painting shows a determined Marie leading the charge, TNT in hand and being followed by the burly Sgt. Rock and the Men of Easy Company.

Displayed inside the box are Mademoiselle Marie in a side insert box with a beautiful large 60s style window box next to her full of all her outfits, uniforms and accessories. She comes with four different uniforms and outfits. The garments are high quality with many pieces being lined and tagged. The doll comes dressed in her signature uniform that consists of a red turtleneck sweater, matching scarlet beret, pleated black wool sheath skirt, sexy fishnet hose and black high heeled shoes. She is accessorized with a bandolier and her Thompson submachine gun. As with all the figures in the series she has her official paper armband with her name on it.

The outfit box contains her Espionage outfit, Peasant Disguise and Combat Fatigues consisting of combat top and trousers, burgundy beret, combat boots, vintage G.I. Joe French Resistance Fighter style radio in shoulder bag (with a red Joe-style phone handset.a nice touch), 45 in black leatherette holster, dynamite stick, navy peasant dress, white ruffled peasant blouse, real suede corset with ties, burgundy head scarf, espionage trench coat with self belt, sunglasses and blonde flip wig.

Marie's body is similar to the popular BBi "Perfect Body" with a fixed bodice and new lower leg sculpt that features a foot that can wear high heels. She is very articulated and the body allows for great posing and play possibilities.

Mademoiselle Marie and all the DC Edition G.I. Joes are available from specialty dealers as well as the G.I. Joe Collector's Club.

And here is some intel for you folks...the 2003 DC Editions G.I. Joe line will debut at Toy Fair next month and is planned to include a new female figure...Blackhawk's luscious Asian foil..."Miss Fear" the Chinese Secret Agent.

The big "deluxe" gift set will introduce the vintage DC character "Enemy Ace" and will be the third in the series that started in 2001 with Sgt Rock and includes the current Blackhawk figure. I have seen head sculpts for this guy and Miss Fear and they are right on the money.

Other additions to the line will be a deluxe window boxed "Moulin Rouge" Can-Can disguise for Mademoiselle Marie as well as a big battle worn "Normandy Front" uniform set for Sgt. Rock.

Mademoiselle Marie will make another appearance...this time as a basic doll/figure packaged in a vintage style long box like this year's Men of Easy Company. She will have shorter hair to better accommodate wig disguises and be dressed in a femme version of the original 1966 G.I. Joe French Resistance Fighter's uniform. She will have forward glance eyes. Possibly, a very limited number of these will be produced with long brunette hair in a French braid and green eyes.

All the dolls and figures will be packaged in the vintage style packaging with artwork by important artists.

Make sure to check out the coverage of Toy Fair 2003 in Feb for pics and videos of these. We will be there to bring you all the news and views of the new dolls and toys for 2003.

(If you are interested in any of the current release DC Comic figures check the G.I. Joe Collectors' store or call 817-448-9863.)