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Sept. 28 2002

Danbury Mint Chatty Cathy
Photo: Kate Sutter

TRU Coat Collection

TRU Lingerie Collection

Gold 'n Glamour Barbie doll

Holiday Kelly


Dawn Convention 2002 in Vegas!

Doll News January 8 2002 Heads up Dawn collectors!

The next annual Dawn doll convention is in Las Vegas, NV. The event this year is Saturday, September 28, 2002 at the Luxor Resort Casino. Registration is limited to 60 people and applications must be in before April 1, 2002. It looks like this year's show will be the best ever, with lots of great contests with cool prizes. Check the official convention website for all the details.

Danbury Mint has started shipping their new limited edition porcelain Chatty Cathy doll. Some lucky collectors got her just in time for Christmas. The Mint is backed up with orders, but will be shipping new orders within 3-4 weeks.

Unlike the porcelain version issued by Dollspart in 1980, this beauty looks very much like the vintage Chatties from the early 60s. The original voice is used and she talks perfectly. She has a pull sting that works, but it is actually a "switch" that activates the battery operated voice mechanism. She takes 2 AA batteries. She is a bit shorter at 18" and is dressed in the classic Pink Peppermint dress with eyelet apron.

The doll arrives packaged in a replica of her original box with booklet and shoehorn. Danbury is planning a series of four more Chatty Cathy dolls and they have included a reservation card for the future releases. The doll is not listed on the company's website, but can be ordered by calling 800-243-4664. Cost with shipping is about $141.

Collectors of Barbie's Fashion Avenue outfits will want to pick up some of the new Toys R Us Exclusives. There are four new ones in the "Coat Collection". My favorite is a Native American inspired poncho set with a great multicolored woven hat and matching drawstring bag. The "Lingerie Collection" contains four new lounge wear fashions. All of them come with super-fun fluffy bedroom slippers that compliment the outfits. The retro-looking cherry print PJ top with red bra & matching boxer bottoms is my favorite. The past couple of years Mattel has been in the habit of giving all their Fashion Avenue outfits names like in the vintage days. These eight releases do not have specific outfit names. I hope this is not a sign of things to come. I really love the fun and clever names as do many other Barbie collectors.

While in the Barbie aisle, I also finally picked up Salon Surprise Christie. This play line Barbie series appeared during the holiday shopping season and seemed to sell like hotcakes all over. If you are a vintage collector who remembers the Color Magic Barbie dolls of the mid will enjoy playing with these. Barbie, Teresa and Christie each come with hair that changes color when you "blow dry" it with the included hair drier (and popping her in your freezer for 30 seconds does it even faster). The hair can be changed back with the warmth of your hands. The set includes a hip and colorful outfit made of reversible separates, a salon chair with blow drier, a curly wig, hair clips, a mirror and comb and brush. A whole lot of fun for $15.95.

Many collectors were unhappy with the hair on the new Collectors Request "Gold 'n Glamour" Barbie dolls. The doll was supposed to be a reproduction of a 1966 Bendable Leg Barbie with the page boy hairstyle. Many of the dolls appeared on the market with a very unattractive, straight blunt hair cut. The good news is that Mattel seems to have corrected the problem. While at FAO Schwarz in Manhattan this week, every doll I checked had a nicely curled pageboy. Also, if you received one of the earlier, unstyled dolls, Mattel will replace the head for you. Just call the customer service number listed on the box.

On a related note, this is the last doll in this series. Personally, I will miss it, as I love the vintage reproduction dolls. Standouts in the Collectors Request series for me were the Smasheroo Twist 'N Turn Barbie and the Commuter Set Barbie. The fabulous Robert Best artwork on the vintage style boxes will also be missed.

Finally, one of the best collectible deals I found this week was the Holiday Kelly doll from 2000. Seems that KB Toys stores got cases of them over the past week from their warehouses and they are blowing them out for $9.99. This is the large "Cuddly Soft" version and she originally retailed for $40. A nice doll to pick up and tuck away as you pack up the last of your holiday decorations.