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Those Cool Dolls of 2001-Last Call!

I hope everybody had a happy and healthy holiday season. If you didn't get those dolls you asked Santa for, now is the time to go out and get them. There were some great and fun dolls released this year that I have added to my collection. All are special to me for one reason or another. Not only are they some of my favorites because of their beauty, fun or play value.they also may become next year's collectibles.

Many brick and mortar and online stores and dealers are offering deep discounts and you may still be able to get your hands on some of these at drastically reduced prices with a little shopping.

Generation Girl "My Room" Series

In my opinion, this is one of the coolest Barbie play lines that Mattel has ever released. These great looking fashion dolls come with a multitude of character-specific accessories, furnishings and goodies. Their sturdy boxes also convert into a room structure so the play and photography possibilities are endless.

Unfortunately, Mattel has canceled the Generation Girl line and these seven are the last in the series. The Blaine and Mari dolls are particularly hard to find as these had very limited distribution in the U.S. Earlier this fall, Blaine dolls were selling between $85 and $165 on eBay and the Mari dolls were selling for up to $75. Currently, all the dolls in this series are discounted at KB Toys for $9.95.

You might also consider picking up the separate outfits that were made for these characters. They are currently discounted for $4.95 at KB as well. Then head over to Toys R Us and pick up the Generation Girl International High School. This fantastic $80 play structure has been on sale for $29.95 for awhile now, but they are disappearing fast.

Timeless Favorites "Chatty Cathy"

This miniature 14" tall reissue of Mattel's classic talking doll is being snapped up by collectors. She is affectionately being referred to as Chattyette or Mini-Chat. The place that seems to have them is K-Mart and at $14.95.they are a steal. Not only does she say 8 of her original phrases in June Foray's voice (did you know that she also did the voice for Rocket J. Squirrel?), she is dressed to resemble the very first Chatty Cathy released in 1961. The eye paint is a bit startling, her undies are painted on and she lacks Chatty's signature two front teeth, but the attention to detail in the body and head molds and the outfit is remarkable for a $15 doll. She runs on batteries and has a push button rather than a pull string. She is available in Caucasian and African American versions. The African American Chatty is nearly impossible to find. If you see her, buy her. Then send her to me. J

"All Wrapped Up" Holiday Dawn

Checkerboard Toys wrapped up their second year of great Dawn replicas and fashions with an all original Holiday gift set Dawn called "All Wrapped Up". The doll herself is beautiful with vivid green eyes. She wears a lavish silver lame gown with festive holiday striped bodice under a lush red, hooded evening cape and matching purse. She even comes with a tiny present. All in a special collector gift box. Check with your favorite doll dealer or get them while you can on eBay. Although list price is $29.95 you should be able to find one for $20 and under. She was produced in a very limited edition of 3000 dolls.

Barbie Fashion Model Series

The stunning Lisette doll in this hot series was prettiest in the 2001 line. She can currently be found at doll dealers for about $45 and the two 2001 fashions, "Boulevard" and "Blush Becomes Her" are available if you look around for $20 or less. Much less than their retail prices of $70 for the doll and $50 for the fashions. Some of the FAO Schwarz stores that are closing are also offering discounts on other dolls in the line.

Gene, Tyler Wentworth and Alex

If you are a collector of the 16" fashion dolls, you have probably realized it is a buyer's market right now. Due to all the new manufacturers of this size doll and over-production of many dolls and outfits, there are some great collectibles to be had for deeply discounted prices. Check the online prices of you favorite doll dealers and on eBay. You will find some beautiful collectible dolls at fantastic prices. Many are selling for prices less than half of what they were commanding this time last year. FAO stores are currently slashing Gene prices in the stores that are closing and the FAO Exclusives are discounted 30% at the stores that are remaining open.

Have fun shopping!