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It's Matchbox to the rescue in 2001. Matchbox are the only vehicles with real heroic power, the vehicles heroes drive to save the day. It's the biggest change in the look and feel of the overall Matchbox line in years. New high-performance wheels with new contemporary hub designs on every model enable Matchbox vehicles to respond quickly to any emergency. The improved rolling performance makes the ride smoother and farther, and is significant and noticeable to even the casual collector.

MATCHBOX BASIC CAR COLLECTION: The 2001 Matchbox Basic car collection, the cars real heroes drive everyday, contains 75 different die-cast vehicles. Matchbox introduces 35 first time models with more muscular, contemporary styling, and includes all new police cars, fire trucks, tow trucks, ambulances and other rescue vehicles. The new vehicle design will showcase the "real heroic power" look of Matchbox. All of the vehicles are made of sturdy Matchbox die-cast guaranteed for life. Many of the vehicles have real moving parts including opening doors, turning propellers and extending ladders for realistic fun. The 2001 Basic line will also include 15 exciting segments like "Pull Over!" (Police), "Flame Eaters" (Fire Engines) and "Sun Chasers" (Boats and off-road trucks), featuring vehicles kids' heroes drive everyday. Shipping Srping 2001.

MATCHBOX 5-PACK AND 10-PACK GIFT SETS: The ultimate gift idea, the Matchbox Gifts sets have a new look in 2001 with 15 different theme segments. These "Mom-friendly" themes include Rescue Riders, 9-1-1, D.A.R.E. and Construction Heroes packs that convey the real heroic power that says, "Matchbox." The realistic vehicles have contemporary, heroic styling that kids love. Shipping Spring 2001.

RESCUE LAUNCHERS: The Launcher packs provide a broader range of hero vehicles all in one package, providing any boy instantly with his own Matchbox hero feet. This unique combo pack includes five hero vehicles and a rescue launcher to send vehicles to save the day. Shipping Spring 2001.

MATCHBOX COLLECTIBLES TEXACO VEHICLES: Now collector's can witness the progression of Texaco vehicles before their eyes with the Matchbox miniature scale Texaco vehicles. These vehicles are a page right out of history with realistic detail and special rubber tires. Shipping Spring 2001. The Texaco vehicles in the 2001 line include:

  • Ford Model A Van
  • Peterbilt Tanker
  • GMC Wrecker
  • 1939 Chevy Panel Van
  • 1956 Ford Pickup
  • 1997 Ford F 50 Pickup


MATCHBOX COLLECTIBLES VINTAGE FIRE ENGINES: Any collector who values the history of either automobiles or fire-fighting will appreciate the fine craftsmanship that is evident in the Matchbox Vintage Fire Engines. These traditional scale replicas of vehicles from the early 20th Century will bring you back to the times of Babe Ruth and the Great Depression and World War I. The fire engines in the 2001 line include:

  • 1932 Mercedes-Benz Ladder Truck
  • 1932 Ford AA Truck Open-Cab Fire Engine
  • 1932 Ford AA Fire Engine
  • 1930 Ford A Battalion Chief's Pickup
  • 1937 GMC Rescue Squad Van
  • 1920 Mack Fire Engine


MATCHBOX COLLECTIBLES LARGE SCALE VEHICLES: Collectors of all ages will be fascinated with the intricate details on these large-scale vehicles. Featuring some of the most popular licenses, these large scale versions of real life automobiles and trucks also include moving parts such as opening doors and hoods, and come on a display stand. The large-scale vehicles in the 2001 line include:

  • TEXACO F-130 Wrecker
  • Motor Trend Jeepster Concept Vehicle
  • Police 1940 Ford Police Sedan Delivery
  • 1999 CAMPBELL'S Ford F-350
  • McDONALD'S Suburban
  • 1946 Coca-Cola Dodge Power Wagon