Shifting into overdrive with the latest automotive toy news for the gift-giving season….

Hess Oil

This year's Hess Holiday Collectible is an oil exploration Helicopter. It comes with a motorcycle and a truck, and will be available from Hess Oil stations on November 16th for $19.99. Batteries for this Christmas tradition are included. While this is a departure from previous Hess collectible trucks, it is in the familiar White and Green paint scheme and will surely sell out fast.

Holiday Muscle Ornaments

From Playing Mantis' Johnny Lightning, we can look forward to the 2001 HOLIDAY MUSCLE ORNAMENTS. These bright and shiny die cast gems feature special 2001 markings and also come with a removable Grip Clip, which can be used to turn almost any Johnny Lightning car into a Christmas Ornament.

The line up:

  • '64 Pontiac GTO
  • '67 Mercury Cougar
  • '67 Olds Cutlass 442
  • '68 Firebird 400 H.O.
  • '69 Dodge Charger R/T
  • '69 Dodge Daytona
  • '70 Hemi Cuda
  • '70 Cyclone Spoiler
  • '70 Road Runner
  • '71 Road Runner
  • '71 Duster 340
  • '72 Chevy Nova

These will be hitting stores any day now, and they'll look great in your collection and on your Christmas tree!

Treasure Hunt 2001

Heres' the final list of 2001 Treasure Hunt Cars from Hot Wheels, as confirmed by Mattel:

  • La Troca
  • 71 Plymouth GTX
  • ‘57 Roadster
  • Lotus Project M250
  • Ford Thunderbolt
  • Panoz LMP Roadster SPhaeton
  • Fat Fendered 40
  • ‘40 Ford Truck
  • Tail Dragger
  • Mini Cooper
  • Anglia Panel

So get out there and start digging, even if all the scalpers have the stockboys bought off. You might get lucky anyway. Full-size Hot Wheels

Mattel and their partners have announced the launch of the 100% Hot Wheels line with the introduction of several new lifestyle products intended specifically for adult consumers. The launch at the Specialty Equipment Market Association's (SEMA) International Tire Show included unveiling the classic Twin Mill, the first-ever life-size replica of an original Hot Wheels design; the Hot Wheels Grand Am, and Hot Wheels stylized accessories. These innovative products expand Hot Wheels into a lifestyle brand that ranges from die-cast collectibles and apparel to automotive aftermarket accessories and real cars.

Consumers will soon experience Hot Wheels in a variety of ways -- and sizes. Whether it's seeing the Hot Wheels Twin Mill on tour, getting behind the wheel of a lifesize Hot Wheels Grand Am, or customizing real cars with Hot Wheels-branded rims.

The life-size Hot Wheels car is a drivable version of the first-ever original Hot Wheels design -- the Twin Mill, a favorite among collectors and enthusiasts who have been eagerly awaiting its transformation from toy car to actual car.

Ira Gilford, retired Mattel designer, designed the original 1:64 Twin Mill in 1969. Since then, collectors have ranked it as one of the favorite all- time Hot Wheels designs. Its long, sleek lines, elongated body and Twin Blower Engine highlight this classic car.

The full-size version was built in conjunction with Championship Auto Shows. The Hot Wheels Twin Mill features twin 502 Big Block Chevrolet motors from GM performance products. Topped with two 8-71 Mooneyham blowers and four Edelbrock carburetors, it produces upwards of 1400 horsepower.

House of Kolors created the custom Hot Wheels Twin Mill Flame red that was applied over the custom one-off urethane body. BF Goodrich wrapped American Torque Thrust Wheels give the car its perfect stance. The hydraulically controlled canopy opens to showcase the '60s era pleated pearl white and black interior, replete with massive shifter and grab bar.

The Twin Mill will be visiting cities across the country throughout the next three years at auto shows, races and toy shows. Its tour will begin as early as next month in Houston, Texas on November 22 at the 42nd O'Reilly Auto Parts Autorama.

Hot Wheels has partnered with Pontiac to create a Hot Wheels Grand Am show car. The car is making its debut at SEMA, and plans are in the works to offer the Hot Wheels edition as a licensed, dealer-installed package for 2003. The Grand Am features a Ram Air induction system, 18-Inch chrome plated alloy wheels and BF Goodrich Z-Rated tires, "quick-fill" NASCAR-style recessed fuel filler cap and Hot Wheels graphics on seatbacks, door panels and instrument panels.

In addition, Hot Wheels announced a partnership with one of the most recognizable names in hot rodding and customization: American Racing. Hot Wheels and American Racing have partnered to create Hot Wheels stylized accessories and an all-new custom aluminum billet wheel design for sport truck, muscle car and hot rod enthusiasts.

The branded-wheel was created by the design team at Hot Wheels in conjunction with American Racing's L.A. Concept Center and will be available through American Racing in 2002. The Hot Wheels American Racing wheel will be the second product to emerge from the two companies. Earlier this year, a Hot Wheels-branded center cap was introduced for American Racing's Vintage Wheel Collection, including the famous fives-spoked Torq Thrust, the choice of many custom car builders.

So if you've grown tire with tiny Hot Wheels cars, now you can go out and get the real thing. No word yet on if these products will come with life-sized orange track.