CORGI CLASSICS Large Scale Military for 2002

Corgi is well-known for their terrific collectible die-cast sets based on TV and Movie properties, but in addition to these high-profile die-cast lines, Corgi has unveiled several exciting new large-scale military lines for the year 2002. Here's a quick rundown.

The Forgotten Heroes Limited-Edition Series kicks off Corgi's Korean War commemorative line, with four impressive new castings in a variety of scales. Included with each battle-scarred, mud-caked vehicle is the story of a veteran who used it during the war. Collectors can look forward to
· The M4A3 HVSS POA-CWS-H5 Sherman Flame Tank-USMC. (1:50 scale)
· The H13 Bell Helicopter-US Army Medical Service Corps (1.48 scale)
· The WC51 Weapons Carrier-US Army (1:43 scale)
· The T34/85 Tank-North Korean 109th Tank Regiment ( 1:50 scale. There is no story included with this model. It will appear in a special "Adversaries" package, not in a Forgotten Heroes box.)

Corgi will also continue their Vietnam War line, Unsung Heroes, with Series Two. These realistically weathered models, in a variety of scales, are accompanied by stories from the veterans who operated each vehicle.
· M113 Armored Calvary Assault Vehicle-US Army (1:50 scale)
· M151 Mutt-USAF (1:43 scale)
· M48 A3 Patton Tank-US Army (1:50 scale)
· M35 A1 2.5-Ton Truck USMC (1:50 scale)
· Bell AH-1G Cobra Helicopter-USMC (1.48 scale)
· UH-1C Huey Medevac Helicopter-US Army (1.48 scale)

Firebase 'Nam is a series of Vietnam-era US military vehicles in a clean parade-dress, spit-and-polish finish. Each vehicle features a booklet with a short history of the vehicle or unit that used it as well as the specifications of the vehicle.
· UH-E1 Huey Gunship-USMC (1.48 scale)
· M48 A3 Patton Tank-US Army (1:50 scale)
· M35 Deuce and a Half 2.5-Ton Truck-USMC (1:50 scale)
· M48 A3 Patton Tank-USMC (1:50 scale)
· M151 Mutt Recoilless Rifle and Trailer-US Army (1:43 scale)
· UH-1C Huey Helicopter-US Army (1.48 scale)

These are very impressive entries in the world of scale military die-cast, and it's a real treat seeing Corgi's amazing detail applied to less obvious models from our less-celebrated military eras. You should be able to find these fine Corgi models at most hobby shops on online collectible sources. You may find yourself subjected to some sticker shock, as Corgi models are not inexpensive, but their die-hard fans will tell you that they're well worth the money.

In the coming weeks, we'll take closer looks at Corgi's other lines, including their TV and Movie series, as well as their Fire Engines, Construction lines, and Aviation collectibles.