Die Cast News May 7, 2003

By Rudy Panucci

Woodland Hills, CA, April 28, 2003 - Following up last year's Skywalker Ranch Fire Engine, Code 3 Collectibles takes Star Wars fans on an unprecedented journey inside the legendary ships of the Star Wars saga, as the company introduces the first in a series of amazingly detailed replicas of the most memorable vehicles and ships from the Star Wars saga.

George Lucas was a pioneer in the quest for quality science fiction movies. Today, over 25 years after the first Star Wars release, these movies are considered classics and a permanent part of American pop culture. Code 3 Collectibles will bring these imaginative vehicles, from all six of the Star Wars movies, to life with innovative die cast models. Code 3 Collectibles is a leader in the die cast collectibles industry and is known for its attention to detail and exceptional quality. They promise to bring this same standard of excellence to this new line of Star Wars collectibles.

The first release in the brand new Star Wars line by Code 3 Collectibles is one of the fastest non-Imperial vessels in use, two times as fast as any Imperial warship. Because of this ship's involvement in the battles of Yavin and Endor, it is considered an invaluable addition to the arsenal of the Rebel Forces. The design inspiration for this vehicle was ordinary, a hamburger that George Lucas had for lunch that day. The outcome was extraordinary. What ship...? The Millennium Falcon, of course!

Reservations are being taken now for the Millennium Falcon model, made possible by the extraordinary effort of over 500 people involved in the production process, recreating the Falcon's layout in painstaking detail - from its characteristic saucer-shaped hull and cargo-gripping mandibles, to the intricate features of its interior compartments and weaponry.

One of the Rebel Alliance's fastest and most powerful vessels, the Falcon played an integral role in many of the Alliance's greatest victories over the Empire. Piloted by Han Solo and his first mate Chewbacca, the freighter packs many powerful secrets beneath its exterior. With over 400 hand-crafted pieces, the Code 3 Collectibles model gives fans their first real peek inside the Falcon, with eight movable parts that reveal extensive circuitry and cockpit detail, removable landing gear, an opening boarding ramp, a rotating main sensor rectenna, and more.

"We couldn't be more thrilled with Code 3 Collectibles' first release in the Star Wars collection," said Howard Roffman, President of Lucas Licensing. "The Millennium Falcon is one of the saga's best known icons, and Code 3 Collectibles has brought it to life with an unparalleled degree of authenticity."

This die cast model of the Falcon is authentically detailed to every last panel. The development process began with trips to the Lucasfilm Ltd. archives to photograph models used in the making of the films. Code 3 scoured over hundreds of pages of reference material to fine tune all of the details to bring you the best model they could produce

"The meticulous attention given to every detail of the Millennium Falcon model will be immediately evident to Star Wars fans," said Arnie Rubin, President of Code 3 Collectibles. "Our designers have immortalized a unique piece of Star Wars history with their amazing recreation."

Code 3 Collectibles' Millennium Falcon model also features a custom display base designed specifically for the Falcon; a specialized tool for assistance in removing and replacing parts; a Certificate of Authenticity; and a free Rebel Alliance collector's patch.

Code 3 Collectibles brings the details of this legendary ship to life with a die-cast replica that's over 1 foot in length. As noted earlier, over 400 pieces were used to construct this model and over 500 people were involved in the production process. Impressively, this isn't just a static model. Here's the 8 moving parts that this spectacular model has to offer: 1. Removable landing gear.

2. Removable left mandible panel that exposes landing jets, passive sensor antenna, anti- concussion field generator, deflector shield generator and deflector shield protector.

3. Removable circuitry bay panel to expose the circuitry bay detail.

4. Removable left side heat exhaust panel to expose sublight engines, hyperdrive, fuel driver and the escape pod.

5. Removable upper quad laser cannon panel to reveal power core detail, control seat and rotating quad laser cannons.

6. Removable cockpit cover to expose interior detail of the cockpit.

7. Opening and closing boarding ramp.

8. Moving main sensor rectenna that rotates 360 degrees.

Dimensions: 13" front to back and 9 1/2 " from side to side. (All detail features were scaled from the fact that the Millennium Falcon measures 26.7 meters long.)

As part of a special introductory offer, Code 3 Collectibles is offering a complimentary acrylic cover (a $40 value) and a free lifetime membership in the Code 3 Collectors Guild with the purchase of the Millennium Falcon for $295 each or 5 monthly payments of $59. The model, which is releasing in September, is now available for reservations from Code 3 Collectibles online at www.code3.net/starwars or by calling toll-free 1-888-635-2333.

In addition to the Millennium Falcon, base, and a lifetime membership in Code 3's Collector's Guild, Code 3 has an extra package of benefits, which includes discounts on the Skywalker Ranch Pierce Dash Pumper, further discounts on Code 3 merchandise, and the usual Code three excellent customer service.

On top of that, there's Code 3s money back guarantee. You can return your replica for any reason and receive a complete refund (including shipping and handling) within 30 days of receipt.

While the nearly three-hundred dollar price tag makes this an item strictly for the serious collector, those who do take the plunge will not be disappointed. You'll be getting a huge museum-quality die cast replica that's built like a tank and weighs a ton. No photgraphs of the finished model are available yet, but as soon as we have them, you'll see them here in Die Cast News at Mastercollector.com