Cheesy Kockoff

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Today's Knockoff is a Doozy! You know you have a winner when you're dealing with a Star Wars knockoff. This is such a rich vein to mine, and this particular item does so in such a nearly-actionable manner that it almost brings tears to your eyes. You see, even though this cheesy knockoff features blatant Star Wars graphics on it's blister card, the clever folks at the "Not Suitable For Children Under The Age Of 3" toy company have tossed us a swerve of magnificent proportions.

Before we get to the swerve, the important information is that this example was found at a pharmacy in West Virginia, but this stellar knockoff has been seen all over the country, particularly on the West Coast. It cost $1.99, which isn't too bad, considering the novelty and kitbash value.

"SPACE POWER WARRIOR" has the body of Darth Vader. It's molded in crappie thin plastic, but it's definitely the body of the dude that caved in to the dark side. The blister card even features the Death Star, an X Wing Fighter, an A Wing Fighter, an Imperial Destroyer, and printed very darkly against the starry background, up in the left-hand corner, under the price tag, the head of Darth Vader.

However, you won't find the head of Darth Vader on this 10" barely articulated figure. I don't know if the toymakers had a sudden attack of ethics, or if, more likely, they suddenly had the fear of LucasFilm put into them, but this Darth Vader knockoff has the head of....Superman. Specifically, he has the head from one of the 1996 Kenner Superman figures that was an offshoot of the "Legends of Batman" line.

I can't explain why they married an obviously knocked-off-from-scratch body to a swiped mold of an existing head, or why they used a head from a totally unrelated character, but they did. Although the example pictured has a black body, this has also been seen with the body molded in red. God only knows why. In addition to the Star wars knockoff body and the Super-swipe head, this figure comes with a stick of plastic that appears to be a lightsaber, and a cape that for all intents and purposes looks like it belongs to Batman.

There is some painted detail on the body: the boots and belt are painted silver, and the chest panel is blue. The head features a pretty decent paint job on flesh-colored plastic. And if you are a customizing freak, you might want one of these to slice up and use for kitbashing. The boots, when cut off just below the knee, are hollow enough to be used on some 12" figures, the legs, arms, and chest could be used as body armor for a sci-fi project. The cape is probably too short to use on a 12" Batman, but it might work for a custom Batgirl or a MEGO-sized figure. In fact, the head might work for that size, too.

So "Space Power Warrior" is not a total bust. It's a great conversation piece (Looky! It's Darth Kent!), and it can come in handy for kitbashing, but as a toy on it's own, it's just sort of sad. Still, maybe we can look forward to future toys in this line, like Luke Skywalker with Batman's head, or Chewbacca with the head of Wonder Woman. It could be a whole new genre--Star Wars characters with DC Comics heads.

Or maybe not.

Later, Rudy