Cheesy Knockoff Archive

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Hello folks! This column is dedicated to the documentation and preservation of Toyland's dirty little secrets...the cheesy knockoff! These are toys that are outstandingly, flamingly unoriginal, and dang proud of it! Some of them are recent, but occasionally we'll dip into the archives for a classic bit of fine aged cheese.

"What exactly is a cheesy knockoff" you ask? well, it's a toy that is created to mimic the success of another toy, usually one that has been wildly successful. Some of the cheesy knockoffs are simply "close relatives" to successful toys, while others are downright actionable infringements of copyright. Most fall somewhere in between.

We're not here to glorify the cheesy knockoff, we're just think that some of them are so goofy that they're worth pointing and laughing at. In no way do we intend to encourage impressionable youth to attempt to create their own Cheesy Knockoffs.

Some of you may remember the Cheesy Knockoff of the Month from the now defunct magazine, Toy Trader. That was me writing that, and I'm glad to be part of the MasterCollector Online team so I can bring you the cheesiest of knockoffs! There is another magazine running a "Knockoff of the Month" feature now, but that's just a cheesy knockoff of this column.