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Mega Bloks Pyrates Plunderer’s Port Skull Playset

by Rudy Panucci

This year’s new editions of the popular Mega Bloks Pyrates Skull Playsets stand out with their vac-metalized “chrome” appearance.  They also include a CD-ROM (same as last year’s, which is great, but a new one would have been nice) and the usual nifty building pieces within. 


Plunderer’s Port only includes two figures, instead of last year’s three figures per set, but seems to have more building pieces and a really mean looking cannon.  The figures are Destreader, one of the translucent “lost souls” characters and Agamemnon of the Skeleton Crew.  To match the gold colored chrome of the Plunderer’s Port skull, each figure has metallic gold highlights.  Photographs do not do justice to just how cool this set looks. The gold “chrome” skull is a really neat-looking item by itself.  It’d look great on a book shelf on the desk of a pirate aficionado. 


It is amazing how much articulation Mega Bloks is able to pack into a two-inch tall figure.  The figures sport at least ten points of articulation, but manage a range of movement with those that rivals that of ultra-expensive figures that are six times the size and ten times the price. 


This is a terrific set at a low price, great for kids or a fine desktop distraction for adults. 


Grade: A-plus.