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Mega Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest

Action Figure Zone Product Reviews by Rudy Panucci

The Black Pearl Playset

I’ve written previously about my fondness for Mega Bloks’ Pyrates line and it was a surprise and delight to learn that Mega Bloks had cut a deal with Disney to adapt that line to their hit summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.  Like Pyrates, this line features highly articulated two inch tall action figures, in this case, sporting the likenesses of Johnny Depp and the movie’s other stars.  This set, featuring Captain Jack Sparrow’s ship, The Black Pearl, includes one hundred seventy pieces that allow you to recreate his stylin’ pirate ride from the movie. 


Detailed instructions make it a snap to assemble and for kids, the play value is enormous.  Once the ship is built, they can spend hours creating their own pirate adventures.  This toy is recommended for kids eight and up and is remarkable for its ability to succeed as both a children’s toy and an adult collectible.  Fans of the movie will love this, since it’s so much fun and doesn’t take up as much space as the other action figure lines based on the film.

These toys are really a delight, loaded with play value for kids, and an adult can almost achieve a Zen state of relaxation assembling these cool pirate ships.

Grade: A plus.

Bayou Discovery and Isla Cruces Skull Playsets

These two playsets adapt the Mega Bloks Pyrates skull playset/carrying case format to the hit movie.  With these movie-based sets, the packaging is different and they pack in loads more accessories.  Unlike the Pyrates skull playsets, the skull actually is part of the scenery, instead of merely being a carrying case.  Bayou Discovery comes with two figures, including the first Mega Bloks female figure that I’m aware of, Tia Dalma, as well as a figure of Captain Jack Sparrow.  One drawback of the Mega Bloks POTC line is that almost every set comes with a Captain Jack figure.  If you buy the entire line, you’re going to have seven or eight little Johnny Depps running around all over the place.  Bayou Discovery also includes enough building pieces to build a fort with a gangplank that extends from the island base to the top of the skull.  You also get a tree, a pirate flag, a rope ladder, and other sorts of nifty, teeny accessories.  And a temporary tattoo, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Isla Cruces includes a Captain Jack figure and a figure of Maccus, who appears to be part human, part Hammerhead shark.  This set also comes with two island bases, a tree, a treasure chest, a stone fortress, and a guy wire that attaches to a small perch across the skull head.  It also includes lots of little extras and a temporary tattoo.  These sets have great play value and portability (important for kids on the go) and they’re also just the right size to be an office decoration for the die hard POTC fan. 


Grade: A