International G.I. Joe Convention 2003
GI Joe Menue SF Convention

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Real American Hero Concepts presented by Dave Lane
Hands-on Casting presented by Fred Jeska
Comic Book Roundtable with Josh Blaylock
Real American Hero Concepts & Prototypes 1995-2003 presented by Dave Lane
Hasbro Roundtable 12" Product presented by G.I.Joe Team
G.I. Don't Know Gameshow! hosted by Lanny Lathem, Brian Becker & Buddy Finethy
G.I.Joe Collector's Club Roundtable presented by Brian Savage
Hasbro Roundtable 3 3/4" Product presented by G.I.Joe Team
Built to Rule Roundtable presented by Hasbro

Thanks to all our seminar presenters! Also, thanks to those collectors and enthusiasts who attended and asked such great questions!



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