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Convention Premiums

Please note that some pictures here are prototypes and that colors, uniform cuts and decos may/will change slightly. These are not the final products but they are very close. Colors will also vary slightly due to differences in computer monitors.

12" Convention Box for the 2 talking figures. The Russian speaks Russian and the German speaks German. Of course, no tanks included. LE 500 sets.

The Russian comes with: 2 Gymnastrokias, 2 Pairs of Pants, 2 Pairs of Boots, Canvas Tanker Helmet, Black Leather Tanker helmet, Black Worksuit with Cloth Belt, 2 Pairs of Binoculars, 2 pairs of Tanker Goggles, 2 Sam Browne belts, 2 Tokerev TT33 pistols w/clips, 2 Holsters, Black Leather Jacket and PPSH-41 Submachine Gun.

The German comes with: Panzerwrap shirt, 2 Gray Undershirts, Panzerwrap pants, 2 Pairs of Boots, 2 Pairs of Binoculars, 2 Crush Caps, 2 sets of Head Phones and Throat Mics, 2 Pairs of Tanker Goggles, Splinter Pattern Worksuit,
2 Belts with Holsters and 2 Lugers.

This is an extremely detailed set of figures and accessories. Each figure has enough gear for at least three different ways to outfit the figures. Each attending or non-attending person can order an extra set of the figures and accessories and additional nude talking figures will be available at the show.

Please note that the Worksuits will be baggy. These items were worn over the regular uniforms when working on the tank. This is how they really were made. The insignia is all molded. Only the Eagle on the German Shirt and the rank insignia on the German Jumpsuit are screen printed as they would have been patches on the actual uniforms. Note that the Russian buttons have the Soviet Insignia engraved on each button head. For you purists, the Russian leather jacket has the pre-1943 insignia as our lieutenant depicted here, was promoted through the ranks and never change his collar insignia. By the time of the battle of Kursk approximately 80% of the original Russian Tankers would have already been killed and he kept this insignia to show he was from the old school and one tough guy.

This is a set that all G.I. Joe Collectors will be proud to own.


3 3/4" Convention Box. LE of 750 pieces.

And the mystery figure is....Major Storm!
Major Storm is a very rare figure as he was only produced once as the driver for the very large and expensive General Mobile Strike Headquarters. Many people do not own this figure as its value has continued to spiral upward due to the fact that you usually have to buy the whole vehicle, just to get the figure. So, we felt that this was a great opportunity for collectors to have a second chance to own this figure in a cool new camo. pattern. He comes with his signature gold helmet and gold pistol.

Final version of Lt. Falcon. The complex true to life camo pattern and color match Lady Jaye exactly. Because of lighting and monitors, they may look slightly different in these two photos.

Final version of Lady Jaye. Will she survive the ambush at Anaconda beach or will she become a slave to Cobra Commander's will?

The Black Dragon Leader will stop at nothing to destroy the G.I. Joe Team. Please note that the blue in the mask above is the same as the Trooper below. Photography lighting and monitors will make the colors vary.

Black Dragon Troopers are fearless master spies who even work for Cobra Commander, at least for now.... Each set contains five Black Dragon Troopers. There are not any "eyes" painted on this figure. You are seeing light flares in the visor.


OK, we told a fib. Cobra Commander really does come with a cape.
We were not sure early on if we could make this work.
Cobra Commander's capes in this picture are two different colors of red. The final version will be a mix of the two.

Five Swamp-Vipers are included in the set.
Please note that colors may be darker or lighter in person.
Don't go into the swamp when the Vipers are out!

Air-Viper - Parachute figure for this year's drop.
One of these comes with each set. File card is included in the figure set box.

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