GI Joe's hard-fighting kin in the DC Comics universe, becomes a 12" fully articulated man of action this year via a limited edition boxed set created by DC Comics. The head honcho of Easy Company made his first appearance in the pages of ALL-AMERICAN MEN OF WAR #28 as a sportsą star-turned-soldier called "The Rock." He returned, in one form or another, in several more stories and evolved into the character we recognize today after the seminal story "The Rock of Easy Company" in OUR ARMY AT WAR #81 (April, 1959). Appearing in time for the pulp soldier's 45th anniversary, this handsome Sgt. Rock figure-and-accessories set will be limited to 1200 units, 500 of which will be signed by comic legend Joe Kubert and customizer Augustine Romero. Well-known in GI Joe collector circles, Romero was enlisted by DC Comics to create highly detailed uniforms for the figure and enclosed accessory packages. His unique touches include hand-dyed fabrics, full shirt, lace-up boots, and real belt loops with separate belts. Members of the GI Joe Collectors Club can order this piece for $265 plus $8 shipping. Non-members can order the set at the regular retail of $295 plus $8 shipping and handling. The non-signed edition is available to club members for $232 plus $8 shipping. For fans of comics and collectors of GI Joe figures, the release of this deluxe boxed set is truly exciting and marks a bold new chapter in the story of Hasbro's movable fighting man. Sgt. Rock comes dressed for action with a hand-painted resin head on a vintage-style GI Joe body. Also included are "Winter Combat" and "U.S. Army EM Uniform" accessories packaged in exact reproductions of Hasbro's distinctive 1964-era box and tray packaging. Also included is an 80 page vintage Sgt. Rock comic book. Close attention to detail and an astounding "elite" presentation--right down to meticulously designed hand-made boxes--make the Sgt. Rock deluxe set a real "must have" for 2000! This set comes with: Winter Combat: U.S. Army M43 Fatigue Jacket with Scarf, M1 Combat Helmet, Thompson SMG M1928 with removable clip, M-1 Garand rifle, Grenades, Web Belt with grommets, Canteen with Cover, .45 Caliber Pistol with leather holster, M1 Bayonet with Scabbard, Bandolier; U.S. Army EM uniform: Ike Jacke, EM Service Trouser,s EM Service Shirt with Tie, EM Overseas Garrison Cap, EM Service Belt, Corcoran Boots. The signed editions will ship in early Novmeber while the unsinged will ship in earl December. To order call 817-448-9863.

GI Joe Sgt Rock Pack   G.I. Joe Sgt Rock

Rock head Shot  Sgt Rock Head Helment

GI Joe Sgt Rock  GI Joe Sgt Rock alone

  Sgt Rock GI Joe Uniform  Sgt Rock G.I. Joe Uniform

Sgt Rock G.I. Joe in box  GI Joe Sgt Rock Back of Box

All of the packages you see here are in the big box, and I mean it is big! All boxes can be taken out of the master carton and displayed as you see here (just like standard G.I. Joe boxed items) without damaging the packaging. Don't wait, order your signed or unsigned editions by calling the club right now! 817-448-9863.

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