International G.I. Joe Convention 2003
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3 3/4" GIJoe Convention Set

Please remember that these are final samples.
Colors WILL VARY from computer to computer so what you are seeing is the relativeness of the colors to each other. Colors might be slightly different in person. Note: The flare you see on Zarana's hair and Beachhead's head are due to the lighting, they are all one color.

You already know that Beachhead is the team leader for this mission.

His chief of security is Mutt & Junkyard II. Note that the green, orange and brown match on Beachhead's and Mutt's uniforms.

And the surprise figure is HARDTOP! Somebody has got to install that high-tech fuel cell.

The BOSS is Zarana. Watch out for her new recruits!

Who watches out for Zarana? Why Road Pig of course!


Dreadhead Billy-Bob considers himself to be the most handsome Dreadhead, despite the fact that all six are identical cousins (a fact that still baffles local doctors).

Joe-Bob spends most of his time and money causing mischief with his cousins. He is clever, sneaky and always willing to start a fight with anyone for any reason.

Buzzer’s love of chainsaws makes him annoying - the constant noise even gets on the nerves of his fellow Dreadnoks. But what makes him truly evil is his apparent hatred
for animals. He has a particular animosity towards the K-9 unit of the G.I. Joe team, especially Junkyard or Junkyard II and his partner Mutt, they are both dogs to Buzzer.

Being thrown out of the nastiest biker gangs in Tasmania made RIPPER’s entrance into the Dreadnoks an easy decision.
He has a penchant for makeshift, oversized, and occasionally unorthodox edged weapons.

Being the eldest cousin has it's responsibilities for Otis! It is his job to get revenge on Beachhead.
To show their allegiance, they have all committed to wearing the Dreadnok's logo on their bandannas (of course it matches Zarana's shirt, the BOSS does have some fashion sense.)

Cletus is the strong and silent type, until something makes him mad - which is most of society. He has been mad at Beachhead for years....

Demolishor is his name, pain is his game! He is pure Dreadnok through and through.

There is a new Dreadnok in town named Crusher, who is wanted by every environmental agency on the continent. A former professional wrestler, he enjoys taunting local law enforcement with his outlandish wrestling poses while flaunting his animal skins and other illegal trophies. He can’t wait for Mutt and Junkyard to fall into their insidious trap.
He thinks Junkyard will make a fine hunting dog or dinner, which ever the case may be…

The Dreadnoks consider Dreadhead Vance to be their “right-hand maniac.” He is ill-mannered, self-destructive and completely out of control.

Roscoe has spent years watching the “goody-two-shoes” Beachhead get the better grades, the bigger sports trophies and the prettier girlfriends.
Soon he will get his revenge on Beachhead.

Now you know the complete story...or is it???

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