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Graphic courtesy of D.O.B. Member Bulletman-Alpha

Bulletman Races - Friday Morning



Bulletman Races will be 9:30am Friday morning with figure check-in at 9:00. Your figures will be desending down a 6 story zip line and crash through a "brick" wall (foam blocks). The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club is not responsible for any damage that occurs to your figure during this event. We recommend that you do not use a vintage figure for this.

Bulletman Race Rules:

Figures must weigh no less than 6 ounces (nude muscle body figure) and no more than 12 ounces (well equipped classic collection figure).

Figures must have two securely attached, closed loops which will be used to attach them to the twin clips on the descent lines. Well secured eye hooks are acceptable. No pulleys or descent accelerating devices may be employed.

Figures may have no loose parts/accessories which will easily fall off in flight. If helmets are not secure tape (or another non-permanent fastening method) may be applied at the Descent Officer's discretion.

Two figures will be released simultaneously by the Descent Officer or at his/her signal on parallel lines along a downward slope. The first figure to arrive at the termination point will be designated the winner and move on in the competition. The second figure will be eliminated. Matches will continue until all but one figure is eliminated.

If a line breaks during a race the race will be re-run providing the figures remain in flight ready condition. If a figure is no longer in flight condition, the surviving figure is designated the winner.

If one or both figures stop mid-flight the figure which comes closest to the termination point will be designated the winner.

If both figures reach the termination point simultaneously the race will be rerun.

It is acknowledged that allowing figures to descend from heights presents a hazard to the figures themselves. The GIJCC accepts no responsibility for damage to figures resulting from participation in the Bulletman Races.


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