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Join the
G.I.Joe Club

Convention Souvenirs

Two Civil War Petty Officers from the War of Northern Aggression.
The battle of the Iron Clads at Hampton Roads, the Monitor and the Merrimac.

Monitor (North) He is the one on the left in the blue and dark blue shirt.
Merrimac (South) on the right, light gray uniform.
Comes with seaman's cap, jumper w/insignia, bell bottom pants, socks,
Brogans (boots), leather belt with pouch, revolver, and sword, super
articulated bodies with the Civil War heads.
Sold in pairs only $130.00 set. Limited Edition of 150 sets.

Philippine Invader
(during the battle of Leyte Gulf)

Camouflage: helmet, shirt, pants, simulated half shelter. Boots with
molded gaiters, belt, 2 sets bullet clips, canteen, raider knife,
marching pack, entrenching tool with cover, M1-Carbine w/clip, bayonet
(machete) and a walkie-talkie. CC body with WWII head and Gung-ho grip
(of course, he is a Marine). $39 each Limited Edition of 400 figures.

T-Shirts - Hats

We have Two T-shirts, both with the TRU logo on the front and one with art
work by Larry Selman of the Wisconsin and one with the Crimson Strike
Team on the back.
$16 each Limited Edition of 150 of each.

We have a special Black Hat with the Wisconsin on the front, TRU logo on
the side and G.I. Joe Collectors' Convention June 27-30 on the back.
$16 each Limited Edition of 200

Anyone who joins the club or renews their membership at the convention
will receive the clear super articulated figure membership kit for free!

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