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Cobra Crimson Guard Strike Force
Prototype Photos
COBRA Convention Ad from the Comic Book!

July 8 Update: We are waiting on our final shipment from China and until we receive it and check for damage, we won't know exactly what we have. The waiting list has already filled up. As a reminder, only those who attended the convention received the HISS tank. These are not available. If you have purchased the boxed set already, you can call in and order the "Fuschia" set of figures as we do have those left, 817-448-9863. You can purchase only one "Fuschia" set of figures per boxed set purchased.

Our first ever 3 3/4” convention set celebrates the 20th Anniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. This set features the Cobra Crimson Guard Strike Force consisting of twelve Crimson Vipers led by the most lethal combination of Cobra Command: all new crimson version of the diabolical duo Tomax and Xamot along with the beautiful and cunning Baroness. This 15-figure set is the ultimate army-in-a-box! Here is the armament that each figure comes with: Baroness- 2 Uzi sub-machine guns, tactical backpack; Tomax & Xamot-2 assault rifles and 2 Cobra daggers, Vipers- modified AK-47 assault rifle with scope and Viper field backpack. This set comes in the same photo style box of past convention sets and will make a terrific display with your existing collection. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to get this 20th anniversary edition. Only 500 sets are available.

Attn RAH Collectors!
All loose convention figures have been sold out. Additional (complete) boxed sets are still available. If you are unable to attend the convention, you can still purchase this set! Download the order form to purchase the non-attending "Homefront Hero" set!


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