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Hasbro Booth

Timeless Collection Sets
Air Force Cadet & Marine 2 Pack FAO Exclusive ? ?
AT Undercover Agent TRU Exclusive 29.99 October
Talking Action Sailor Target Exclusive 34.99
July Military Police JC Penney Exclusive 39.99 September
Black Spider Rendeyvous Target 29.99 Nov
8 Ropes to Danger WalMart 29.99 Dec/Jan

Space Exploration - Mercury TRU 29.99 Nov
Okinawa Target 24.99 Aug
Sea Bees Target 24.99 Jan
Battle of Guadalcanal ?/

Adventure Series
Danger of the Depths 29.99 Jul
Search or the Yeti 29.99 Sept
Searchh and Rescue Team 29.99 Jul
Army Ranger Motorcycle 19.99 Aug
Jeep Desert Patrol 50.00 Oct

KMart Exclusives
Hot Shot Crew 9.99 Aug
Police Search and Rescue 9.99 Aug
Red Alert Rescue 19.99 Aug
Deep Water Rescue 19.99 Aug
Urban Recovery Accessory Set 6.99 Aug
Hot Shot Crew Accessory 6.99 Aug

Home for the Holidays WalMart 19.99 Oct



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