For over 37 years, G.I. Joe has been a friend, confidant, and hero to millions of children all over the world. His chivalry knows no bounds. His courage and intrepidity are world famous. G.I. Joe has provided us with a legacy of honor and valor that is unending. During his adventures, he has rescued those in trouble, fought evil unmercifully, discovered lost treasures and protected our homelands. He sets the standard that no other action figure can meet. G.I. Joe wants you to join us June 27-30 in Norfolk, VA at the Sheraton Waterside as we celebrate his Legacy of Valor.

This exciting family weekend celebrating G.I. Joe will be the most collecting fun you have ever had! Sponsored by Hasbro and the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club, this family-oriented event guarantees a great time for beginning and experienced collectors alike. Be part of this historic event everyone will be talking about for years to come!

Convention Premiums

This year, there are two different convention figure sets. We have our traditional 12” convention set and a new 3 3/4” set celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Real American Hero.

This year’s 12” set is based on “The Battle of Leyte Gulf”, the largest naval battle in history. Between the Americans, Australians, and Japanese, there were 282 ships engaged in combat (with hundreds of support vessels) along with nearly 200,000 men who fought in this battle which covered more than 100,000 square miles. Every facet of naval warfare was involved in this conflict: air, surface, submarine, and amphibious. Each side threw everything they had at the enemy. For the Japanese, this was their last ditch effort to halt the progression to their homeland. For the allies, it was a chance to crush the remaining Japanese fleet, once and for all.

This two-figure set includes an American Battleship Captain and a Japanese Battleship Captain, both vintage reproduction body styles. Both figures now TALK! Each figure says 6 different phrases (the Japanese figure speaks Japanese) and comes with with two uniforms: their service dress and their undress (work clothes). The American comes with his dress whites which includes: white peak cap, white dress jacket with shoulder boards and ribbon insignia, white dress trousers, white dress belt and white dress shoes. He also comes with his khaki undress uniform which includes: naval helmet, life jacket, khaki pants, khaki shirt with collar insignia, khaki belt, black shoes and binoculars. This figure will have club exclusive red hair and blue eyes.

The Japanese figure will have the vintage style Japanese head along with: blue service dress jacket, blue service dress trousers, blue peak cap, white shirt dickey, black bow tie, black shoes, leather belt, sword and scabbard. He also comes with his undress uniform which includes: blue jacket, blue trousers, black shoes, naval helmet with insignia, binoculars with rank insignia, life jacket, black leather belt, dirk and scabbard. This figure will have black hair and dark brown eyes.

The set comes in the same style convention photo box that you have grown to love. It is a fabulous set that no G.I. Joe or WWII collector should be without! This set will make a great addition to your collection. Don’t delay placing your order. Only 750 sets are available.

Our first ever 3 3/4” convention set celebrates the 20th Anniversary of G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero. This set features the Cobra Crimson Guard Strike Force consisting of twelve Crimson Vipers led by the most lethal combination of Cobra Command: all new crimson version of the diabolical duo Tomax and Xamot along with the beautiful and cunning Baroness. This 15-figure set is the ultimate army-in-a-box! Here is the armament that each figure comes with: Baroness- 2 Uzi sub-machine guns, tactical backpack; Tomax & Xamot-2 assault rifles and 2 Cobra daggers, Vipers- modified AK-47 assault rifle with scope and Viper field backpack. This set comes in the same photo style box of past convention sets and will make a terrific display with your existing collection. Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime chance to get this 20th anniversary edition. Only 500 sets are available.

City History

Norfolk is the cradle of American History. In 1607, 104 men and boys sponsored by the Virginia Company of London established Jamestown, the country’s first permanent English settlement. Virginia became England’s first Royal Colony in 1624. After two different grants of land from the King of England, the original “Norfolk Towne” was established on 700 acres of land. Norfolk’s importance as a port began in 1680, when the Crown under King Charles II directed “the building of storehouses to receive imported merchandise ...and tobacco for export”.

Over the next century, ships from Europe and the West Indies traveled in and out of Norfolk’s deep-water harbor, and by 1775, Norfolk was the colony’s most prosperous town. Norfolk became involved in the Revolutionary War on New Year’s Day, 1776, when three English ships bombarded the city. During the three-day siege, cannonballs and fires destroyed most of Norfolk’s early structures.

During the civil war, one of the most famous naval battles in history took place at Hampton Roads, VA in 1862, when the USS Monitor engaged the CSS Virginia in the first battle between ironclad war ships. The outcome of the battle was inconclusive, both sides claiming victory, but the course of naval warfare was changed forever.

In 1907 Norfolk hosted the Jamestown Tercentennial Exposition. This World’s Fair, held on 340 acres at Sewell’s Point on the Chesapeake Bay, celebrated the 300th anniversary of the founding of Jamestown. Vessels from many countries participated in an International Naval Review during the Exposition, followed by the departure of The Great White Fleet - American warships, all painted white - on a round-the-world cruise to demonstrate American naval power. The Exposition closed in November 1907. When the United States entered World War I, the Federal government took possession of the property for use as a naval base. Today, this naval base is Naval Station Norfolk, the world’s largest naval installation.

Norfolk’s Naval Station and Port continue to be among the largest in the world. In June 2000, the city hosted OpSail, the largest tall ship and maritime event in history. In December 2000, the battleship USS Wisconsin became a permanent resident of the downtown waterfront, and is moored at the quay of Nauticus, The National Maritime Center.

No matter where you go in the city, Norfolk truly is a place where life — past and present — is celebrated daily. Within an hour of Norfolk are colonial attractions (Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown), a major theme park (Busch Gardens), museums, golf courses and beach resorts. Because of its central location on the East Coast, Norfolk is easy to get to whether you are driving or flying. This is a wonderful area you should visit with your entire family!

Convention Overview

Our week will begin with three pre-convention tours and a diorama building class. Each of these tours will be fun for the whole family. On Wednesday, we will be visiting the Norfolk area including a tour of the Norfolk Naval Base (security conditions permitting), Fort Munroe and Casemate Museum in Hampton, Old Point Comfort lighthouse, Mariner’s Museum and Fort Eustis.

On Wednesday evening we will have a dinner cruise available aboard the Spirit of Norfolk.

On Thursday we will depart for an overview of Colonial Williamsburg, Jamestown Island and the Virginia War Museum. In addition, this year we are offering a special diorama building class taught by Patrick “Dolman” Kelly of Diorama Dreams.

Registration will be on Thursday evening from 6:00-8:30 pm and contest registration will be from 8:00-10:00 pm.

Friday morning will continue with late registration, contest set-up, dealer set-up and seminars. We will also have a special parachute drop early Friday morning. Last year we had a very high parachute drop. Since the hotel is only 10 stories tall, we are going for a record number of jumpers simultaneously (must be over 13 years old to participate). We are going to attempt everyone’s parachute drop at the same time with 3 3/4” jumpers (provided). We are planning to have over 500 jumpers in the air at the same time! This will be a lot of fun!

On Friday morning there will be a special Hasbro Roundtable discussion! On Friday afternoon, we will open the sales floor for registered guests. On Friday evening, (because of your requests) we will return to the ever-popular charity “Casino Night” with prize auction.

On Saturday morning, the sales floor will open early for registered attendees with the general public being admitted at 10 am. Collecting seminars will run throughout the day. Hourly door prizes will be awarded and you must be present to win. There will also be a “play pit” full of G.I. Joes for your kids’ enjoyment.

This year we will be returning to our traditional awards dinner, however we have added a new twist. Our Saturday night gala will be at the Nauticus, the National Maritime Center. This facility is an exciting interactive science and technology center, which allows you to explore the power of the sea. It features more than 150 exhibits including computer and video interactives, IMAX films, exotic aquaria, touch pools, national-caliber traveling exhibits and the Hampton Roads Naval Museum. It is also home to the USS Wisconsin, the world’s largest battleship in existence. All Saturday night activities (including dinner) will be at the Nauticus.

Sunday will provide you with the opportunity to attend additional seminars, spend more time in the sales room, along with the chance to win more prizes. At 3:00 pm, we will draw for two trips to the 2003 convention and you must be present to win. Don’t leave early and miss out on all the great prizes!

Other special services available include package shipping and a central courtesy room. While there, be sure to ask where the room-to-room trading will be held. The hotel also has a great pool right on the Intracoastal waterway!

Special events include our Custom Figure/Mini-Diorama Contest (all figure sizes), a Photography Contest and a Diorama Contest. Prizes for the contests will be in “show dollars” which allow you to choose your own prize from dealers at the show. There will also be a special area for kids to display their G.I. Joe figures/scenes. Each child is limited to one display that will fit inside a 15” x 15” space. If you are planning to bring a display or contest entry, please call by June 1, to ensure that we have space available.

Registered Attendee Packages

There are six different convention packages available:

The General’s Package consists of the 12” convention set “The Battle of Leyte Gulf” with certificate of authenticity, convention medal, name badge, convention patch, 3 3/4” figure used in the parachute drop, admittance to the sales room including a private sales room preview on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday, admittance to the Casino Night activities, admittance to the parachute drop, admittance to the Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin on Saturday night, awards dinner and admission to all convention seminars. This year’s figure set is outstanding! We have spared no expense on this set and we know you will love it. Cost for registration is $350 for non-members, or $320 for club members. You will receive your convention items upon check-in at the convention. Pre-convention tours are available for an additional charge. * 

The American Hero’s Package consists of the 15 figure, 3 3/4” “20th Anniversary Crimson Guard Strike Force” set with certificate of authenticity, convention medal, name badge, convention patch, 3 3/4” figure used in the parachute drop, admittance to the sales room including a private sales room preview on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday, admittance to the Casino Night activities, admittance to the parachute drop, admittance to the Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin on Saturday night, awards dinner and admission to all convention seminars. Don’t miss this opportunity to own your own army-in-a-box! Cost for registration is $210 for non-members, or $180 for members. You will receive your convention items upon check-in at the convention. Pre-convention tours are available for an additional charge. * 

The Aide’s Package includes: Saturday’s awards dinner and admittance to the Nauticus and the USS Wisconsin, admittance to the Casino Night activities, name badge and admittance to all show events (tours additional). You will be able to watch the parachute drop but you will not be allowed on top of the building Friday morning. This package can only be purchased in conjunction with the General’s or American Hero’s package and is offered so that accompanying family members can join in the fun. Cost is $80 for the first Aide, additional immediate family member Aides (children, 18 and under) are $60 each.

The Sergeant’s package includes: convention medal, name badge, convention patch, admittance to the sales room (including a private preview of the sales room on Friday and Early Bird privileges on Saturday), admittance to the Casino Night activities and admission to all convention seminars. Cost is $155 for non-members or $145 for club members.* 

The Base Commander’s package includes: everything in the above General’s package (except admittance to show events) with all items being shipped three to four weeks after the show to your home base of operations. This package is for those who cannot attend the show. Cost is $350 ppd for non-members, or $320 ppd for club members.

The Homefront Hero’s package includes: everything in the above American Hero’s package (except admittance to show events) with all items being shipped three to four weeks after the show to your home base of operations. This package is for those who cannot attend the show. Cost is $210 ppd for non-members, or $180 ppd for club members.

The first 100 General’s or Base Commander’s registrations postmarked by March 31, will receive a special G.I. Joe size jacket with the convention art on the back and a special convention accessory set.

The first 100 American Hero or Homefront Hero registrations postmarked by March 31, will receive a special Cobra insignia cloisonné lapel pin.

The first 200 Generals or Base Commanders have the opportunity to purchase a second set of “Battle of Leyte Gulf” figures (no box, certificate, etc., does not include the parachute figure) for $160. This will give you the opportunity to have a second set to display without disturbing your boxed figures. This is limited to one extra set per General or Base Commander’s package purchased. Please remember that our special convention figures will NEVER be sold at retail stores and are extremely limited.

The first 150 American Heroes or Homefront Heroes have the opportunity to purchase a second set of “Crimson Guard Strike Force” figures (no box, certificate, etc., does not include the parachute figure) for $90. This will provide you with the opportunity to increase your troops for maximum display impact. Please remember that our special convention figures will NEVER be sold at retail stores and are extremely limited. This is limited to one extra set per American or Homefront Hero’s package purchased.

Convention package confirmations will be mailed by the end of May.

Dealer Information

Dealer booths are $280 and consist of two 8’ tables and one 6’ table and are approximately 11’ wide by 8’ deep. Single tables are $150. Dealer booth contracts and payments postmarked by March 31, will receive a $20 discount (single tables not discounted). Standard electrical hookups for all booths or tables are $100 per booth (total for all three days). Telephone service can be provided at a cost of $250. Booths and tables are limited. Placement in the ballroom will be assigned in the order that the registrations are received. The earlier your registration is received, the closer to the front your booth will be. The entire facility is air-conditioned and carpeted. Dealers can attend the Casino Night. You will receive gaming coupons based upon your donations for the charity auction. Dealer’s product content must be at least 85% G.I. Joe related. Dealers must have a valid Virginia sales tax number and collect the 4.5% local sales tax (forms available at the show).


This show will be heavily promoted. We will be running ads in all major toy publications as well as in local newspapers and on billboards. The convention will also be promoted on our web site, which receives over 1.2 million hits per month.


The Sheraton can handle your in-bound shipments provided that they do not arrive more than 72 hours in advance of your arrival. Please be aware that there may be a handling charge per box received. You will want to coordinate your shipment with the hotel to avoid unnecessary charges. If you need to ship packages to the show, you can send them to: Sheraton Norfolk Waterside G.I. Joe Show / (your name) 777 Waterside Dr, Norfolk, VA, 23510. Mail Boxes Etc. will have a booth at the show to assist you in shipping your items home. They can also assist you with your in-bound packages for $5 per box. They will deliver all boxes Friday morning to the convention. Their address is Mail Boxes Etc/G.I. Joe Show, (your name) 4876 Princess Ann Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23460. Please call 757-497-2028 (ask for Randy) to arrange payment before shipping. They will have all types of packing materials and boxes available at the show as well. Items will be shipped via UPS. Prices will vary according to distance and weight.


The Sheraton Norfolk Waterside is the only harbor front hotel in the city and boasts of breathtaking views of the Elizabeth River and her bustling commerce. Rooms at the Sheraton are at a special convention rate of $122 per night. This is more than 50% off their standard rates. Call and reserve your room now before the room block is filled up. The deadline for hotel reservations is May 25. After this date, they will begin to release space in the block. You can make hotel reservations by calling 800-325-3535 or 757-622-6664 and identifying yourself as an attendee of the G.I. Joe Convention. Shuttles or cabs from the airport are available at a cost of approximately $25 each way. The hotel is approximately 20 minutes from the airport. For those of you with vehicles, parking at the hotel is $9 a day (have the valet validate your ticket). Next door to the hotel is the Waterside Entertainment complex boasting over 40 restaurants and shops. Everything you need is within walking distance!


Contests include the Custom Figure/Mini-Diorama contest (for all figure sizes), a diorama and a photography contest. Over $1,750 worth of prizes will be awarded as show dollars that you can spend with any dealer at the show. Prizes are as follows: Diorama Contest 1st $500, 2nd $250, 3rd $125; Custom Figure Contest 1st $300, 2nd $150, 3rd $75; Photography 1st $200, 2nd $100, 3rd $50. Here are some of the rules: Diorama entries MUST fit on a tabletop and are limited to 4 feet wide by 30 inches deep. Team entries are allowed. The entry is limited to 4 feet by 30 inches deep per person on the team. All prizes must be split among team members. Custom Figure/Mini-Diorama entries can be 12” scale or 3 3/4” scale. Each entry should consist of not more than 2 figures. Your entry MUST fit in a space of 15”x15”. Photography entries can be black & white or color. All entries must be 8”x10” in size and they must be mounted. In addition, the photography entries are not returnable. All winners will be announced at the dinner on Saturday night. Please let us know by June 1, if you intend to enter a contest so we can make sure we will have enough space available. If you need a copy of the judging criteria, please send a SASE. You are only allowed 2 entries per contest. All entries must be in place for judging by noon on Friday.

This year we are continuing the diorama contest between recognized regional GIJCC chapters. The theme for this year’s local division diorama contest is “D-Day”. Your local group’s D-Day diorama must fit on two 8-foot tables (5 feet x 8 feet) and contain no more than 50 figures. If your division plans to enter this contest, please notify us by June 1, so that we can have the appropriate space available. The winning chapter will have $500 donated to a charity of its choice.


Collecting and customizing seminars will be presented on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each seminar will last approximately 45 minutes. Signs will be posted in the hotel to direct you to this area. Each seminar will seat 200 people. Several different seminars will be presented each day on various collecting topics, including a special Hasbro Roundtable where you can speak directly with the Hasbro G.I. Joe team.

Courtesy Room

You can rest and relax with your friends in the Courtesy Room, which will always be open. There will be refreshments available for all registered attendees. Make sure you check the message board for the list of rooms that will offer room-to-room trading.

Night Activities
On Friday evening, we will be bringing back the Casino Night! There will be many different Casino games provided for your enjoyment. Each General, American Hero and Sgt. will receive $50 in gaming coupons. Additional $100 coupons will be available for donations of $20. At the end of the evening we will host an auction with many different types of prizes, everything from prototypes to vintage figures. Dealers who donate items will receive gaming coupons as well. Let’s all pitch in for charity and make a big donation. Last we raised over $5,000.

Door Prizes

Hourly door prizes will be awarded at ten minutes to the hour each day while the sales room is open. Prizes will include all different types of G.I. Joe figures and memorabilia. At 3:00 pm on Sunday, we will draw for two free trips to the 2003 Convention (including domestic airfare) along with several other great prizes. Don’t leave early because you must be present to win.

Pre-Convention Tours

The week will begin with three pre-convention tours. Sign-up today! Your whole family will enjoy these tours.

Wednesday, June 26, 8:00 am-5:00 pm

Military History Tour

We will visit the Norfolk Naval Station, Fort Monroe Casemate Museum, Mariner’s Museum & Fort Eustis Army Transportation Museum.

Board the motor coach with your guide to learn about Norfolk’s colorful 320-year history as you ride through the lovely historic district and restored areas. See the many attractions which are within walking distance of your hotel, such as old St. Paul’s Church, the Moses Myers House, the MacArthur Memorial, the Nauticus, the Battleship Wisconsin and the restored waterfront area. View the stately homes along the Hague, the Chrysler Museum of Art, the historic Freemason District, and many other points of interest. Tour the Norfolk Naval Base, the largest naval installation in the world. This base is home port to over 100 ships, 26 aircraft squadrons and headquarters of the Atlantic Fleet. The base occupies over 8,000 acres of land and is home to more than 100,000 military personnel. Your tour will take you past the piers, through the Naval Air Station and past “Admiral’s Row”, the historic homes built for the 1907 Jamestown Exposition which now houses the flag officers. Next, visit historic Ft. Monroe in Hampton, Virginia, and tour the Casemate Museum housed within the thick walls of America’s largest stone fort. Exhibits include the prison cell of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, Civil War artifacts and displays relating to the Battle of the Monitor and Merrimac. Our next stop will be the Mariner’s Museum and then on to Fort Eustis, home of the U.S. Army Transportation Corps Museum. You will explore the world of motion and transportation, from mighty steam locomotives of days past to the world’s only captive “flying saucer”. Come experience the history of wagons, trucks, airplanes, helicopters, locomotives, tugboats, DUKWs and experimental hovercraft, such as the “flying jeep”. Lunch will be on your own, as directed by your tour guide. $55 per person.

Wednesday, June 26, 6:30 pm-10:00 pm

Dinner Cruise on board The Spirit of Norfolk

Walk the short distance from your hotel to Town Point Park where you will board the magnificent Spirit of Norfolk for a three-hour dinner cruise. Feast on a sumptuous buffet and enjoy the informative narration as you cruise through the bustling Hampton Roads Harbor, one of the largest and busiest ports in the world. View the many interesting sights along the waterfront, including the mighty aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines at the Norfolk Naval Base, the Norfolk International Terminals, old Ft. Norfolk and much more. Enjoy dancing and a show following dinner. The ship has two climate-controlled lower decks and an open-air upper deck. $45 per person, inclusive.

Thursday, June 27, 8:30 am-5:00 pm

Founding Fathers Tour
We will visit Colonial Williamsburg for an overview tour, Jamestown Island and the Virginia War Museum. We will depart via motor coach with your tour guide for the charming town of Williamsburg. Your guide will provide interesting and informative narration during your ride about the historic Virginia Peninsula and the Hampton Roads area. Once you arrive in Williamsburg, you will step back into the 18th century while strolling through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. Your historical interpreter will guide you through the past and the events that helped shape America’s history as you enjoy an hour and a half hour leisurely walking tour through the restored area of this lovely colonial capital city (actual distance is approximately 4-5 blocks). Following your overview tour, enjoy free time to shop and browse in the many unique specialty shops in Merchants Square. Enjoy lunch on your own in one of the Colonial Taverns or in Merchants Square. Your guide will point out all of the dining options as you pass through town. Next, board the bus and admire the view as you ride along the scenic Colonial Parkway to Jamestown Island, original site of the first permanent English settlement in America in 1607. Exhibits include ruins of the 17th century settlement and a Visitors Center with a 15-minute film, museum and gift shop. Also on display at this time are recent archeological finds, including the 400 year old skeletal remains of one of the first settlers. Archeological digs are ongoing and open for daily observation. En route back to Norfolk we will stop in Newport News to visit the Virginia War Museum, which chronicles American military history from 1775 to the present. Exhibits include uniforms, insignias, vehicles, weapons, accouterments, propaganda posters and more. $55 per person.

Diorama Building Class

This year we are offering a special diorama building class taught by Patrick “Dolman” Kelly of Diorama Dreams. This class will start on Thursday morning at 9:00 am and run until 5:30 pm. There will be additional sessions on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Friday it will run from 9:00 am until 1:00pm. On Saturday you will have a couple of hours instruction in the afternoon with final clean up and display on Sunday morning. We all want to see what you have built over the weekend! This class will provide you with professional instruction, supplies and support while you build your own two figure diorama (figures not included). After you take this class, you will be prepared to take on any size diorama project! This is one educational opportunity you will not want to miss. The class size is limited to 20 people, and the cost is $130 per person. This class is geared for adults. You must be over 16 to participate.

Other Activities

For those non-Joe enthusiasts (spouses, etc.), three blocks from the hotel is the MacArthur Center, located in the heart of downtown Norfolk. This complex houses over 150 shops including Dillard’s and Nordstrom, an 18-screen theater, 7 restaurants and a food court. No matter what you are in the mood for, you will find it at the MacArthur Center- “World class shopping in a world class environment.”

Convention Dress

Dress for the awards dinner is smart casual, no shorts or t-shirts. Be aware that we will be on the waterfront and some of the activities will be outside. You may want to bring a light jacket or sweater.

Special Convention Rates

If you need help with your airfare, call Gulliver’s Travel Service toll free and ask for special agent Darla Reger at 800-796-7766. Special convention rental car rates are available from Avis Rent A Car. For reservations, call 800-331-1600. Our Avis group number is J947629.

The G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club Wants You!

We have spent many long hours planning and researching this event. We have provided for all of your needs. This event is designed so that every member of your family will have a great time. With everything that is going on in the world today, you owe it to yourself and your family to attend this great weekend of G.I. Joe collecting. We want every member of the club to attend because this is your event! If you are interested in handing out flyers in your area, please contact us and we will be happy to send some to you.

225 Cattle Baron Parc Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76108 817-448-9863 Fax 817-448-9843 email: Visit our web site at *Convention packages, guests, contents, activities and quantities are subject to change without notice.   Additional waiver must be completed and on file before you can participate in the parachute drop. Event is subject to weather permitting.