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The Battle of Leyte Gulf
Photos of the Prototypes

Attn Joe Collectors!
If you are unable to attend the convention, you can still purchase this set! Download the order form to purchase the non-attending "Base Commanders" set! If you are attending the convention, we also have extra figures from the Leyte Gulf set with all four uniforms (2 figures) $160. LE 150 sets and you must have purchased the boxed set. For those who want to put figures in their extra clothes we will have nude talking figures from the set $80 pair (Japanese and American) LE 200 sets. You are limited to the number of boxed sets or extra loose sets you purchased.

This year’s 12” set is based on “The Battle of Leyte Gulf”, the largest naval battle in history. Between the Americans, Australians, and Japanese, there were 282 ships engaged in combat (with hundreds of support vessels) along with nearly 200,000 men who fought in this battle which covered more than 100,000 square miles. Every facet of naval warfare was involved in this conflict: air, surface, submarine, and amphibious. Each side threw everything they had at the enemy. For the Japanese, this was their last ditch effort to halt the progression to their homeland. For the allies, it was a chance to crush the remaining Japanese fleet, once and for all.

This two-figure set includes an American Battleship Captain and a Japanese Battleship Captain, both vintage reproduction body styles. Both figures now TALK! Each figure says 6 different phrases (the Japanese figure speaks Japanese) and comes with with two uniforms: their service dress and their undress (work clothes). The American comes with his dress whites which includes: white peak cap, white dress jacket with shoulder boards and ribbon insignia, white dress trousers, white dress belt and white dress shoes. He also comes with his khaki undress uniform which includes: naval helmet, life jacket, khaki pants, khaki shirt with collar insignia, khaki belt, black shoes and binoculars. This figure will have club exclusive red hair and blue eyes.

The Japanese figure will have the vintage style Japanese head along with: blue service dress jacket, blue service dress trousers, blue peak cap, white shirt dickey, black bow tie, black shoes, leather belt, sword and scabbard. He also comes with his undress uniform which includes: blue jacket, blue trousers, black shoes, naval helmet with insignia, binoculars with rank insignia, life jacket, black leather belt, dirk and scabbard. This figure will have black hair and dark brown eyes.

The set comes in the same style convention photo box that you have grown to love. It is a fabulous set that no G.I. Joe or WWII collector should be without! This set will make a great addition to your collection. Don’t delay placing your order. Only 750 sets are available.


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