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Awards Party and Casino Night 2006!
(click the image to see a larger version)


Gettin' the party started!

Good times just begun.

Food, Fun and Games!

Bulletman on holiday.

"How do you spell BINGO?"

A game of chance!

Roast beef and sushi! The food ROCKED!

Food stations throughout the party.

Live JAZZ band.

Major Bludd crashes the party!

Mr. and Mrs. Kay

Old friends...REALLY old. :-)




The Adventure Team is needed...BADLY!

A prize winner!

Come as you are!

GI Joe MP and Rosie, the Riveter!

Good times...good times...

Fun with dice...

Enthralled onlookers.

MORE old friends!

And now...

The coveted awards!

Everybody having a good time?

And now the Contest Awards...

3rd Place Photograhpy
Jeff McGarry

2nd Place Photograhpy
Cathy Jones

1st Place Photograhpy
Burt Montague

Photography Winners!

3rd Place small 12" Diorama
John Earl

2nd Place small 12" Diorama
Scott Beckmann

1st Place small 12" Diorama
John Kozin

Small 12" Diorama Winners!

3rd Place Franken-JOE
John Russell

2nd Place Franken-JOE
Timothy Stanley

1st Place Franken-JOE
John Sullivan

Franken-JOE winners!

3rd Place Wheels for JOE
Cathy Jones

2nd Place Wheels for JOE
Zachary and Darrel Fitzpatrick

1st Place Wheels for JOE
Scott Beckmann

Wheels for JOE Winners!
Cathy Jones

3rd Place Medium 12" Diorama
Burt Montague and Dustin Strait

2nd Place Medium 12" Diorama
Raphael Benjamin, Jr.

1st Place Medium 12" Diorama
Matt Stevenson

Medium 12" Diorama Winners!

Winners from THE TRENCHES!
Scott, John and Cathy







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