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The 2006 3.75 " Convention Set is entitled "Cobra's Most Wanted: Mercenaries!". These previews have had quite a few surprises as we have revealed images of the final approved figures arriving at Club headquarters from China! You won't want to miss this SPECIAL set! Response has been outstanding and reservsations for the set are coming in fast and furious. Reserve yours today by signing up for an attending or non-attending Convention package. Also shown here are previews of the some of the Convention souvenir figures. Keep checking back in the coming weeks as we have a few more surprises yet to be come! Check out the links at the bottom of this page for registration forms and more information about the 2006 Convention.

UPDATED - June 24, 20064

Here is a photo showing all fifteen Convention figures with the Convention Set box!
See you in New Orleans!

UPDATED - June 23, 2006 (*corrected typos!)

At last...Sgt Slaughter! This figure features a head tooled from a sample of the original Sgt Slaughter figure. Sorry for the delay, but things have been hectic as we prepare for New Orleans. This figure has a newly tooled head taken from a sample of an original Slaughter figure. The original body tools were lost as were a few other figure tools that were considered. This tooling hearkens back to Sgt. Slaughter as the Warthog Driver*, with the ammo belt. His knife is an homage to the sheathed knife from that same figure. We have seen some concerns voiced over the lightbase color of the camo. This color is not white, but is actually a light cream color. The colors were selected in order to strike the best balance of contrast between the various tans, brown and the fleshtones. This figure is quite striking in person and when you see it on the card it will be a real treat! If you get Sgt Slaughter's autograph on the card, this piece will likely become a highly sought after collectible. We expect a LOT of attendees will want 2 figures so they can open one for display. It's all just a week away!

UPDATED - June 2, 2006

And now...RED DOG! This figure features a head tooled from a sample of the original Red Dog. Colors will vary on your monitor, but we are very happy with the way his flesh tone matches the original figure. You can also see his old jersey number as a 'tattoo' which was 'hidden' by his sleeve in the original version. :-) The photos really can't do these figures justice. Images on a computer monitor are never as good as the real thing in person. If you are coming to New Orleans, you are in for a real treat – wait until you see the vehicle with deco designed for these guys!

UPDATED - May 26, 2006

This update brings us...TAURUS! This figure features a new head tooled from the original Taurus. His color scheme is based on his orignal colors with the added camo armor procured for this special mission just like his team mates. You can also see his 'bull tattoo' in this photo! Up next is Reddog! And then at long last...the Sgt. Slaughter 20th Anniversary commemorative figure will be revealed!

Don't forget you can read the file cards for all 4 souvenir figures in the May 12th Update further down this page. We have received carded samples of these guys and they will blow you away when you see them. Make every effort to be in New Oleans for the G.I. Joe Convention as we feel Sgt. Slaughter and his Renegades will dissapear befor the weekend is over!

UPDATED - May 19, 2006

Here he is...MERCER! This is the first of the three souvenir Renegades from the 2006 G.I. Joe Convention! Taurus and Reddog will follow and THEN Sgt. Slaughter will be previewed. These guys feature a custom camo pattern created specifically for these exclusives. We have shown more than usual this year as we have had a lot of requests to give a better idea of what will be available at the Joe Con. What you will not see here are the two vehicle offerings as well as the Attendee Freebie AND if all goes well we will debut the M.O.T.H. set 2 in New Orleans! So, there are still some surprises for the Convention that we are keeping a secret. On a side note, there have been some questions about the missing tools for these guys. They do not exist as far as we know. If they do exist, they MIGHT be in India, but as a general rule, once tools go to India, they don't come back. We did try to find the tools from the originals, but to no avail. Retooling all 4 heads was the next best (and costly) solution.

UPDATED - May 12, 2006

As promised, here are the file cards for 2006 GIJOE Convention Souvenirs - Sgt. Slaughter and his Renegades! These should answer a lot of questions about these guys. Check back next week for a peek at the Sgt. Slaughter figure itself!

UPDATED - May 10, 2006

It seems many of you have found our Devil's Due comic Convention ad! Way to go! We wanted to check the flow of info out there and so added a little extra treat to that version of the Convention ad for all the folks that are into the comics! Wow! Word travels fast! Here are full images of the card art. There is a lot of speculation online about the tooing for these 4 figures. NONE of the original tools for these figures were found for ANY original version. All FOUR heads had to be re-tooled from samples of the original figures. Is there more to be previewed? Well, some have speculated there would not be file cards for these guys since they are not on the card package. This is not the case. :-) The file cards are seperate from the package and will be seen here in the near future. After that you will see figure images! These figures will feature a matching camo pattern created just for 2006. We think you will really like them...epsecially when you see the actual figures with your own eyes in New Orleans! Thanks for the great response to these guys. Check back soon for more!

UPDATED - May 8, 2006

Just when you thought we were done here and had nothing else to show before the is a preview of Sgt. Slaughter's blister card art! We designed the back of the card so there is a great spot for you to get Sgt. Slaughter's autograph at the show. And we're not done yet! Soon you will the Sarge's file card and eventually the Limited Edition Convention Exclusive Sgt. Slaughter figure itself! As a reminder, there will only be 1,000 of this special figure manufactured. So, don't miss out on this one as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of Sgt. Slaughter.

UPDATED - April 17, 2006

Here he is...COBRA MORTAL...the final figure of the 2006 Convention set. This figure is a reproduction of the very rare and hard to find figure made by Plastirama of Argentina. We wanted to reproduce something that many collectors have difficulty finding in it's vintage form, but also change it up in order to avoid confusion with the vintage figure. To this end, the NEW version has bicep articulation and a great deal more paint applications than the original. In order to add vac-metal chrome to this figure, the forearms and hands had to be made of hard plastic just like back in the day. We think the photos look great! In person this figure is a true stand-out and will be a unique addition to anyone's collection. Be sure to check out COBRA MORTAL'S filecard to find out more about our 'mystery loner from South America'. We think he is better than the original and we hope you agree. You may be asking, "is that it, no more previews?" Well, there IS more to show - including a few figure images and art for this year's souvenirs!

Here are the winners from our "Guess the Mystery Figure Contest"! These folks will each receive one 'Operaton Flaming M.O.T.H. - Jungle Theater' set for correctly guessing COBRA MORTAL! The winners are: Jason Hogue, Andrew Smith, Michael Richards, Chris Chung and Daryn Marshall. Congratulations!

Monday PM –Here is a new image with the correct rifle! The previously shown M-16 was an early factory sample.
Just seeing if you guys are paying attention out there. :-)

(Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors,
so the image you see may not be color accurate.)

UPDATED - April 13, 2006

We were deluged with email, but there were only a total of 18 correct entries! There were some very imaginative guesses as well. Many of you displayed some amazing detective skills on the boards the last few days! Thanks to everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun and we hope you had a good time trying to solve the mystery. Here is the final box art! Kudos to Chris Appel for the great art. Chris was a contributing artist on the 2005 box and we brought him back for 2006 since he did such an outstanding job last year. It is now clear who the Mystery Figure is, but we're not done yet! Check back on Monday to see the actual figure and read his file card! Making this figure the 'right way' had it's challenges, but we think you will be as pleased as we are when you see him.

(Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors,
so the image you see may not be color accurate.)


UPDATED - April 10, 2006

The Mystery Figure will be revealed SOON! In the meantime, here is a preview look at the 2006 Con Set box art! The final figure remains shrouded in mystery on this preview image. This IS NOT the final art. The next update will show the full box top image with the center figure restored. Shortly after that you will see the actual figure itself! Who is the mystery man? Judging by his target and the SINGLE shell casing, he is a dead shot!

The first 5 E-mails from G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Members with your FULL NAME and a correct guess as to the identity of the Mystery Convention Figure will recieve one FREE Operation Flaming M.O.T.H. - Jungle Theater set (when they arrive)! Only one e-mail per Club Member PLEASE! The deadline for entry is Noon Central Time Thursday , April 13, 2006. Please send your e-mail entry with your name and your figure identity guess to lisa at Winners will be announced after the final figure is revealed. If no one guesses correctly by the deadline, I'll be shocked! If there are no correct guesses, I (Lanny) will get all 5 M.O.T. H. sets. So there!

(Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors,
so the image you see may not be color accurate.)


UPDATED - April 7, 2006

Here he is...OVERLORD! None of the original tooling for OVERLORD exists today. Because of this, new tooling was created from an original head in order to preserve the character's vintage look. We think his new body congifuration portrays the imposing stature and power that is OVERLORD! He is a perfect match to the Coil Troopers under his command! And YES, his helmet is removable.
Please bear in mind the green plastic seen on this figure and on the Coil Trooper may look brighter on your monitor than the actual figure appears in normal room light. Thanks for the many nice comments about the set on the boards. Be sure to join us next week as we head south and cross the equator...

(Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors,
so the image you see may not be color accurate.)


UPDATED - April 4, 2006

Proudly presenting: "Coil Trooper "! Collectors have been eager to see this figure and now he is finally revealed. The gold details are very striking and make this figure a standout! Remember, each set will include SIX of the Coil Trooper as well as SIX of the Skull Trooper! Next Update: OVERLORD! And then...the final figure...the crown jewel of the set...something you will have to see to believe...

(Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors,
so the image you see may not be color accurate.)


UPDATED - March 29, 2006

The next figure to be revealed is "Major Bludd "! Finally the leader of the Skull Squad Troopers is revealed! The rifle features the folding bipod and the sub-machine gun has a folding stock. He and the Skull Trooper really compliment each other with their matching deco color scheme.
This update also features the file cards for the first two preview figures. The Skull Trooper card has been added under the figure photo. Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors, so the image you see may not be color accurate.

UPDATED - March 24, 2006

The first figure to be revealed is the "Skull Squad Trooper"! He comes with weapons and a removable helmet emblazoned with the Skull Squad logo. This guy is just the tip of the iceberg! Please remember that internet images display differently on different computer monitors, so the image you see may not be color accurate.

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