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This year's 12" Convention Set is entitled "Fight for Survival: Polar Bear Attack!". This set will be AMAZING as it combines elements reproduced from the vintage 1969 "Fight for Survival" set and the Adventure Team version with all new elements never before seen, making this Convention Set the ultimate version of this classic G.I. Joe adventure! There are some surprises ahead and final prototypes are arriving gradually so be sure to check back weekly as this set is revealed. This is the first ever Adventure Team convention set and you won't want to miss it!

UPDATED - May 30, 2006

There have been hints and rumors of an additional surprise that comes with the "Fight for Survival: Polar Bear Attcak!" 2006 Convention set, and here it is! We are very happy to offer up this sneak peak at the ALL NEW Adventure Team min-comic that comes with the set! Patterned after the comics from the 70s that Hasbro included in many of the larger G.I. Joe sets, this is the first time that a vintage-style mini-comic has been produced for a modern set. The art and story have been crafted in a style that reflects the look and feel of the vintage mini-comics and features updated Club information done in the vintage style as well. Comic artist and G.I. Joe Collector Scott McCullar and 'Reguar Joes' co-creator Tod Pleasant collaborated to create this piece of retro-G.I. Joe goodness. This comic will truly be the cherry on top for this outstanding G.I. Joe Adventure Team set.

UPDATED - May 22, 2006

We've had requests to see more images of this year's figures, so... here are some pics of the flocked Land Adventurer from the boxed Convention Set and the painted hair figure from the souvenir "Adventures of" figures sold separately if you purchase the boxed set. There is another little surprise that you get with the boxed set and THAT will be previewed here SOON!



UPDATED - May 10, 2006

Here is the entire set all together for the first time. The set is truly impressive and evokes memories of a Christmas morning or that special birthday you had as a kid. In these photos you can see the foam tray storage system that secures the massive amount of accessories in the new size box. This is a really BIG set and you can see just how large the box needed to be in order to hold it all! We think this is one of the best Adventure Team sets ever made.



UPDATED - May 10, 2006

Here is the entire set all together for the first time. The set is truly impressive and evokes memories of a Christmas morning or that special birthday you had as a kid. In these photos you can see the foam tray storage system that secures the massive amount of accessories in the new size box. This is a really BIG set and you can see just how large the box needed to be in order to hold it all! We think this is one of the best Adventure Team sets ever made.

UPDATED - April 20, 2006

We are happy to be able to show more images of the POLAR BEAR from this year's 2006 "Fight For Survival: Polar Bear Attack!" convention set! We think these images give you a better idea of just how aweseome the bear is. Registrations are coming in at a brisk pace, so don't wait too long. This set seems to be crossing a lot of lines in terms of collectiblity out there. We have even had several 3 3/4" Collectors opt for this 12" Convention set. Also, many fans of the military aspect of G.I. Joe seem to be enthused about this set as well. Check back for more great pictures next week!

UPDATED - April 19, 2006

Here they are– the first images of a factory sample of the POLAR BEAR from the 2006 Convention Set! This guy is sweet. He is a wire-frame plush figure with hard plastic feet and head. If you notice, we have done a paint operation on the bottoms of his feet. The bottoms of his feet are charcoal gray and his claws are black. The subtle contrast is really striking. His fur is an off white color that has a cream tinge to it. It looks a lot like real polar bear fur! He can be posed in a variety of positions and can stand alone in some poses. The bear is really large and adds an element to this great set never before seen in either of its vintage incarnations. The POLAR BEAR is available only in the boxed set which is a limited edition of 500. Still to come – the dog sled with harnessed dogs and cargo netted crates! THEN...we will bring you photos of the entire set displayed all together. We are very excited about this set as you can no doubt tell. If you simply cannot make it to New Orleans, you CAN still get the boxed set, the extra painted hair figure and the dog three pack. Download the Registration PDF and select the non-attending package on the appropriate line item. This form must be faxed to 817-448-9843 or mailed to the address on the form. Don't miss out on this great G.I. Joe set!

UPDATED - April 14, 2006

Here are the first images of factory samples of the 12" Convention figures. You can see here the Boxed set figure in BLUE and the Painted head version (sold separately) souvenir in RED. The speculation and rumors are TRUE! This is a BRAND NEW version of G.I. Joe. The vintage-style head has been re-tooled to fit the neck post of the super-articulated modern G.I. Joe figure. This special Club incarnation of G.I. Joe has been dubbed : The Super-Vintage G.I.Joe. This figure offers the best of both worlds with the vintage head we all love added to the amazing posability of a modern figure. On top of this, the figure will also feature the larger feet which fit all your vintage footwear. Also, at the bottom of this update there is an image showing how the interchangable flags work. As you can see, there is a patch of micro-velcro inset into the parka. The flags fit inside this recess and so are flush with the surface of the cloth. Once attached the patches appear to be sewn on! AND there is still more to be seen in the days ahead. The dog sled and harness are still to come and we can't wait to show you the Polar Bear that comes with this will see him soon...

UPDATED - April 7, 2006

This is the hunting rifle from the 12" Convention set. It has an adjustable strap and a gold / brown color scheme which is patterned after the vintage rifle available in such sets as 'Mouth of Doom' and 'White Tiger Hunt'. This is not an exact repro, but rather an updated tribute to the vintage rifle. The next update will reveal much...

UPDATED - April 5, 2006

We are VERY pleased with this year's 12" GIJOE Convention exclusive box art. This is a BIG box (more on that to come) and features the art of Larry Selman - renowned for his long run as THE 12" GIJOE artist of the last decade! This is his first Adventure Team Convention set art and we are sure you will be as thrilled with his art as we are at Club headquarters! Check the art for a few clues for items not yet shown here. Stay tuned for more images soon!

UPDATED - April 4, 2006

This update features several items. Here are the Reproduction Red Snow Shoes, the repro of the hard to find Blue Polar Back Pack, the Vintage Styled Binoculars (not in the original set) AND a new working Mini-Compass – never before seen in a GIJOE Set! More to come...

UPDATED - March 31, 2006

This the first ever Adventure Team expedition flag. Patterned after the military flags from the vintage 12" G.I. Jow line, this flag adds something to the 2006 Convention set that was not available in the vintage set. Now your G.I. Joe Adventure Team can plant the Adventure Team flag where ever they explore new environs or set up their base camp during an intense mission.

UPDATED - March 28, 2006

These are the Arctic Expedition storage crates that come with the set. The color on these is so close to the vintage crates that it is very difficult to tell them apart! The vintage set came with only two of these, but the 2006 Convention set has four which allows for a more fully packed dog sled and the ability for G.I. Joe to carry more gear. Next update: something that was never made before...

UPDATED - March 24, 2006

Here are the sled dogs that will come with the 12" set! These vintage reproduction sled dogs have never been reproduced before. New tools were created from vintage samples and the results are beautiful! The paint applications on these reproduction dogs are impeccable and capture the vintage look while offering a higher degree of quality than seen on the originals.

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Pictures from the November 20, 2005 walk through

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