2005 International G.I. Joe Convention
Exclusive 12" Figure Sneak Preview!

Updated 06.07.05

Check this page often to see exclusive 'FIRST LOOK' images of the figures and packaging from this
year's 12" Convention Figure Set! Please be aware, some of these images are not of the final product.
Some images show EARLY factory SAMPLES and WILL be revised before they are finalized for the set.
Also, please remember, color WILL vary from computer monitor to computer monitor.
Click HERE to see 'FIRST LOOK' photos of the 3 3/4 " Conventi
on Set !

This photo is of an almost final production set. The second tray box is underneath
the German Flight Gear set . Both tray boxes with contents are shown below. Also
pictured is the battery operated radio with a special 'Battle of Britain' sound chip!


This photo shows the British pilot flight gear. This set is shown without
the vintage-styled cellophane wrapping. The detail on this gear is incredible!

This photo shows the German pilot flight gear in package. This set
is missing only the vintage-styled cellophane wrapping. The amount of accessories
included with the set is staggering!

Final Outer Packaging for the 2005 12" Convention set featuring beautiful art by Larry Selman!

German dress uniform with insignia added.

British pilot parachute pack (not final).

British flight helmet (not final).

German flight boots.

Free Souvenir for the first 100 General's Packages.

German Parachute (not final).




Final Inner Packaging for the 2005 12" Convention set.

British Hurricane Fighter Pilot
(Note: Parchute strap hardware is incomplete.)

Note: Insignia has not been added.

German Henkel Bomber Pilot
(Note: Boots not ready yet.)




Note: Insignia has not been added.

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