These are the first pictues of the prototypes for the 2000 G.I. Joe Collectors' Convention figure set!

Complete box set

Top box cover

Convention Premiums

The convention premium this year is again a two figure set! The set is based on the 1st American Volunteer Group (A.V.G.) better known to the world as the Flying Tigers! The Flying Tigers were a rare breed of men who volunteered to help defend China from devastating Japanese bombings during the dawn of WWII. Their primary mission was to keep the Burma Road open so that supplies could reach the Chinese interior. The Flying Tigers were so successful that their exploits became the stuff of legends. In 30 weeks of battle the Tigers downed over 100 Japanese planes and lost but 14 of their own.

This two figure set consists of a Flying Tiger Pilot and a Japanese Fighter Pilot. The Flying Tiger Pilot comes with his Khaki flight uniform with Chinese insignia, and a large bloodchit on the back, leather type flying jacket with bloodchit insignia on the back, leather type skull cap, goggles, flight boots, .44 calibre 1911 pistol w/shoulder holster, and scarf. This figure will come with the WWII style head. The Japanese Fighter Pilot will come with a summer weight flying uniform, boots, leather type skull cap, goggles, type 14 8mm pistol w/shoulder holster, parachute harness, and Samurai sword w/scabbard. This figure will have a Japanese head and body. The set will also come with a copy of the the movie Flying Tigers starring John Wayne.

Flying Tigers movie with John Wayne

Convention pin

Inchon Marine figure
(this is a preproduction version that was given to all attendees. And everyone ordering a Base Commander package is selling for over $150 online.)

Flying Tigers pin

GI Joe beach towel

GI Joe cooler

Front view of cap

Back view of cap