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Click here to view a clip from the 1st place winner
1st place Diorama: "Adventure Team: Capture of the Goblin Queen" Fred Jeska

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2nd place Diorama: "Best Care Anywhere" Joe Garzarelli and Scott Robson

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3rd place Diorama: "The Final Piece" Simon Ball and Benjamin Ball

1st place Figure: Simon Ball / Benjamin Ball "Harry"
2nd place Figure: Cort Sage "Prohibiton"

3rd place Figure: Frances Adams "Arnhem"

1st place Photography: John Bacadat "Fighter on the Run"
2nd place Photography: John Johnson "The Hunt"
3rd place Photography: Evan Guyer "GI Joe with Stealth Fighter"

Local Club Division Winner
Space City Division: Houston, Texas
$500 local charity division to: Boys and Girls Country

1st Place - Jon Bacadat, CA
"Fighter on the Run"

2nd Place - John Johnson, CA
"The Hunt"

3rd Place - Evan Guyer, CA
"GI Joe with Stealth Fighter"