D-Day Salute


The D-Day Salute figure pays tribute to the soldiers who gave their lives during the Battle at Normandy on June 6, 1944. The 1st and 29th Infantry Division landed on "Omaha" and, in the face of savage enemy resistance, 4,500 soldiers (2,000 of which were Americans) were kiled. The D-Day Salute figure is dressed in a helmet with netting, wool knit cap, boots, leggings, jacket, personnel belt and dog tags and is equipped with a canteen and holder, ammo pouches, mess kit, M-1 rifle, bayonet with sheath, t-handle entrenching tool with cover, tent, wire snips with holder, gas mask with holder, haversack and a bed roll.

Scheduled release of this figure is May 1997, with an approximate retail price of $49.99 per figure.


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