1996 Toy Fair Announcements

Hasbro Toy Group announces seven new figures all based on modern military units. Release date is August of 1996. These figures will be widely distributed at many different stores but will be limited in production.

U.S. Army Infantry SoldierBritish SASU.S. Airborne Ranger HALO ParachutistU.S. Marine Corps SniperU.S. Army M-1 Abrams Tank CommanderFrench Foreign Legion LegionnaireAustralian O.D.F.

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12-Inch G.I. Joe Classic Collection Salutes Today's Armed Forces

The world's most famous soldier returns to active duty as Kenner introduces the G.I. Joe Classic Collection of 12-inch figures (approximate retail price per figure: $24.99). Specifically designed for collectors, these figures have all new fully articulated bodies, are authentically dressed and equipped to represent seven different branches of today's world's military. Through the years, there have been three distinct eras for G.I. Joe. The first G.I. Joe action figure was introduced in 1964 as an 11-1/2-inch "doll for boys" and in 1982, the three and three-quarter-inch G.I. Joe, "A Real American Hero" line was introduced. Today in 1996, we have a dual effort between the all new ultra-buffed five-inch G.I. Joe Extreme line for kids and for the true "kid-at-heart" collector, the special 12-inch Classic Collection series.

1. U.S. Army Infantry Soldier - Dressed in desert camouflage fatigues with a "Fritz Kevlar" helmet and desert boots designed by General Norman Schwarzkoff, this G.I Joe figure honors the Persian Gulf War soldiers of 1990-91. Equipped with a personal equipment belt with pouches, an entrenching tool with cover, a canteen with a holder, goggles and an M-16 with an M203 grenade launcher, the U.S. Army Infantry Soldier G.I. Joe is ready for desert action.

2. British SAS - The British SAS is a highly skilled soldier in the areas of front line combat, intelligence and counter terrorism. Fighting behind the motto "Who dares, wins," the G.I. Joe British SAS is equipped with a .9MM beretta and holster, flash bang grenades, and an HK MP5 with silencer. He wears the SAS camouflage uniform with assault helmet, goggles, face mask, boots and personal equipment belt.

3. U.S. Airborne Ranger HALO Parachutist - Jumping from an aircraft flying at an altitude of up to 40,000 feet, the U.S. Airborne Ranger High Altitude-Low Opening (HALO) Parachutist is trained to infiltrate an area of operation undetected. Equipped with an oxygen mask, oxygen hose and oxygen bottle with pouch, a survival knife, parachute backpack and a Colt AR-15 assault rifle, the G.I. Joe Airborne Ranger HALO Parachutist is ready for action.

4. U.S. Marine Corps Sniper - Not only must a U.S. Marine Corp sniper be a superb marksman, but also a master at field craft and aggressive tactics. Judgment and discipline are just as important as shooting. Outfitted in a Ghillie suit, this G.I. Joe soldier carries a Remington 7.62 MM M40A1 sniping rifle, and a Colt arms assault rifle. He also comes with binoculars to spot his target.

5. U.S. Army M-1 Abrams Tank Commander - A position that is usually held by a Sergeant, the M- 1 Abrams Tank commander possesses maturity, swift good judgment, initiative and many years of experience. The commander oversees a crew of four men consisting of a driver, a loader, a gunner and himself. Guiding his troops is the G.I. Joe U.S. Army M-1 Abrams Tank Commander. He is dressed in a camouflage uniform, helmet with communications set, goggles, tanker boots and holster. He is armed with a .9MM Beretta and a .45 M3 Submachine gun.

6. French Foreign Legion Legionnaire - The French Foreign Legion accepts only the toughest of men - one in five volunteers will not make the cut. When on assignment, Legionnaires will be on missions in the deepest, remotest part of the world. Top physical shape is a must, and constant training keeps the Legionnaire ready for anything he may run into on his mission. Wearing the Legion's khaki uniform, beret with beret badge, personal equipment belt, pouches, H-harness, and boots, and carrying a canteen with pouch, a bayonet with sheath and a 5.56MM FA-45 Rifle, the G.I. Joe Legionnaire is ready to take on the toughest mission.

7. Australian O.D.F. - Founded in 1982 after the invasion of the Falkland Islands, the Australian Operational Deployment Force (O.D.F.) is highly skilled in quick reactions, often deploying to a location ready for action without any prior notice, regional force surveillance units to understand any situations they face. Wearing the traditional uniform of plain khakis, slouch hat and boots, and armed with an FN FAL 7.62, a Russack, personal equipment belt, pouches and a canteen and holder, the G.I. Joe Australian O.D.F. is ready for action.

All G.I. Joe Classic Collection figures are available in African American versions.

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