Operation Pegasus Bridge
D-Day invasion June 6, 1944

The Box

The GI Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive Operation Pegasus Bridge set comes in a box that measures 17"x12.5" and features a painted cover featuring the assault on Pegasus Bridge. The box lists the copious contents on each side, one for the German Sentry and one for the British Bren Gunner, two of the three figures included in this set.

The contents read:

German Sentry
736th Grenadier Regiment
716th Infantry Division

British Bren Gunner
Oxf. & Bucks Light Infantry
Air Landing Brigade 6th Airborne Division
  • M43 Tunic
  • M43 Keilhosen
  • M42 Helmet
  • M43 Field Cap
  • Low Boots
  • EM Leather Belt
  • K98 Pouches
  • Karabiner 98K Rifle
  • Leuchtpistole
  • Leuchtpistole Holster
  • 27mm Signal Shells
  • Gamaschen
  • K98 Bayonet & Sheath
  • Flashlight
  • Stielhandgranate 39
  • P-40 Battledress Serge
  • P-40 Parachutist Trousers
  • Dennison Smock, 2nd Pattern
  • 1942 Fibre Rim Helmet
  • Ammo Boots
  • Bren Gun with Bipod
  • Bren Magazines
  • PIAT (Projectile Infantry Anti Tank)
  • PIAT Rounds
  • Bren Auxiliary Pouches
  • Haversack
  • Gas Mask Case
  • Water Bottle & Carrier
  • Entrenching Tool with Cover
  • No. 77 Smoke Grenades
  • No. 36 Fragmentation Grenades
  • Anklets
  • Toggle Rope
  • Camouflage Face Veil


The Pin And Dog Tag


Opening the box reveals a matte black central raised flat-board on which lies a metal cloisonne pin commemorating the 2001 Kansas City, MO Club Convention with the slogan Leading the Charge. Along with this is a gold-colored dog tag which reads GI Joe 442nd RCT Commemorative Edition "Go For Broke"


The Documents

Also inside is a file folder labeledLeading the Charge containing a sheaf of paperwork including the convention programme containing all the information about the convention itself as well as information about Operation Pegasus Bridge as told by convention special guest Jim Wallwork.

Also in the file folder is an internal governmental memo which we'll talk about later.

A Certificate of Authenticity is also included, authorized by the GI Joe Collectors' Club Director, Brian Savage and GI Joe Product Manager, Derryl De Priest.



German Sentry

In a half-box on the left of the center board is a reproduction of a blonde Foreign Head GI Joe wearing the uniform of the German Sentry 736th Grenadier Regiment, 716th Infantry Division.


The Sentry comes wearing his helmet and full gear, as described on the front of the box. The M42 helmet has a "leather" strap and helmet liner. He also has a M43 Field Cap that has a removable cardboard liner to hold its shape. He's wearing low boots with strapped Gamaschen covering the ankles.

The detail of the helmet and field cap are exemplary as you can see.

The rest of the gear is shown laid out here:

As you can see, the holster is detailed and has a buckled strap. The strap holds two 27mm signal shells for the Leuchtpistole, or flare gun. The metal flare gun's barrel breaks and the cartridges can fit into the barrel, though not all the way. The belt holds two sets of pouches, a K98 bayonet and scabbard. The flashlight clips to the belt. The four Stielhandgranates can be carried in the gaps formed by the pouches. He also carries a Karabiner 98K rifle to which the bayonet can attach by a notch in its handle.

Leuchtpistole - closed
Leuchtpistole - open with 27mm signal shells


British Bren Gunner

In a half-box on the right of the center board is a reproduction of a redhead GI Joe wearing the uniform of the Oxf & Bucks Light Infantry Air Landing Brigade 6th Airborne Division.


The Bren Gunner comes with a multi-layered uniform and full gear as described on the front of the box. His 1942 Fibre Rim Helmet is detailed and has an interior lining and is coated with netting and camouflage stripping. He's wearing his tan P-40 Parachutist trousers (with one large double-snapped pocket and three smaller open pockets) ammo boots and strapped anklets. Around his neck is a face veil.

Underneath his detailed Dennison Smock (complete with four open pockets and many brass buttons) this Joe is wearing a P-40 Battledress Serge jacket complete with Oxf & Bucks Airborne patches on the sleeves.

Without Smock
Sleeve Insignia

The British soldier comes with a boatload of gear. On the harness and belt are a haversack, gas mask case, water bottle & carrier, entrenching tool with cover, two No. 77 Smoke Grenades, two No. 36 Fragmentation Grenades and toggle rope. Each pouch has straps to keep them closed and are empty with cardboard inserts to hold their shape.


The Weapons

While the Bren Gunner does not come with small sidearm weapons or rifles, hidden beneath the central board are two die-cast metal heavy weapons.

Bren Gun

The die-cast Bren Gun comes with die-cast bipod which slips onto the bracket underneath the barrel. The Bren Gun comes with five plastic magazines, each of which has a painted round visible. A "leather" strap attaches to the gun.


PIAT (Projectile Infantry Anti-Tank Gun)

Stashed with the Bren Gun is a hefty die-cast PIAT (Projectile Infantry Anti Tank) Gun with two "leather" shoulder straps and two PIAT rounds which can be front-loaded into the PIAT's barrel.


The Stealth Project

The third figure in this set is also stored underneath the center board of the box.

According to a leaked government internal memo (alluded to earlier and included in the file folder) from T. R. Pleasant to General B. Kay, Project Stealth Man has been a success, though these reports are met with some doubt by the military. A revolutionary process was used to refract light to render small objects transparent. Now, though the military disavows knowledge of it, the Stealth process has been applied successfully to a human being.

Stealth Joe is a clear Classic Collection GI Joe with muscle arms, small feet and Gung Ho Grip.

Stealth Man comes with clear shotgun with TAC light. The head sculpt of this one is one of the Pearl Harbor Joes introduced in 2001.

As you can see, the shotgun has a pumping barrel and the TAC light is removable.



Operation Pegasus Bridge is a packed kit. The box can barely hold all of the figures, clothing and gear, as well as the extras.

The loving attention to detail on the WWII figures is commendable, and the quality up there with the best of GI Joe. Every pouch has a buckle and strap, every "leather" strap has a buckle, every button is carefully placed and authentic-looking. Every pocket is open and closed either with snaps or a flap.

This set can be purchased through the GI Joe Collectors' Club. If you purchase this set you can also purchase an optional set of extra figures complete with their gear and weapons.

The clear CC Joe is available only in this set. Newer, Super-Articulated clear "Stealth Man" GI Joes are also available through the club but the CC version is hard to find.

Bottom line is that this set is an amazing item for the GI Joe collector. Nothing like it is available elsewhere.

For information, Call 817-448-9863 anytime from 9-4:30 weekdays CST