Show Diorama

The Show Diorama for the 1999 Convention was a vision of the Vietnam Memorial Wall with nine different scenes. It showed people walking in front of the wall. Each scene would light up 10-15 seconds as viewers got an inside look at Vietnam. The first scene of the diorama depicted a young man signing up to join the armed forces. The remaining scenes portrayed events of war including a helicopter crash, bunker and tunnel rats, and a MASH unit. The diorama ended with a somber yet uplifting experience with a reflection of fellow soldiers carrying a coffin of a friend killed in action and a tribute to Bob Hope in one of his famous USO Tour Shows. It was created and designed by Kevin Hicks of Ft. Worth, Texas. This diorama was quite moving to all who experienced it. Many guest visited numerous times due to the stirring effect on their emotions. The creator spent endless hours on this project. Our staff would like to commend Kevin on a job well done and a special thank you to his new bride, Kristin, who patiently gave him the months needed to complete this project.

Kevin and helpers setting up the massive show diorama.





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