Collecting and customizing seminars were presented on
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Each seminar lasted approximately
45 minutes. Five different seminars were presented each day on various collecting topics, including a special Hasbro Roundtable where you could speak directly with the
Hasbro G.I. Joe team. Featured seminars were:

Casting for Dummies by Fred Jeska
The History of 3 3/4" G.I. Joe by Charles Griffith
G.I. Joe Mastermind Stories -- Sam Speers, Larry O'Daly and Virginia Perry-Gardiner
G.I. Joe Mastermind Stories -- Don Stivers, Sam Petrucci, Jerry Einhorn
The Fun World of Vintage Variations! by Derryl DePreist
G.I. Joe Team - Hasbro Roundtable
Trash to Treasures by Buddy Finethy and Lanny Latham
G.I. Joe in Mexico by Polo Moreno
G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Roundtable with Brian Savage
Action Man by Shane Watson


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