JoeCon 2007 - Thursday Night Package Pickup

Almost there!

A VERY enthusiastic G.I. Joe fan!

Patiently waiting.

It won't be long now!

G.I. Joe Club Exclusives Display

Terror On the Sea Floor!

Tanks For The Memories

Conventtion Goodies

12" Shirt

3 3/4" Shirt

Civil War Figure

Roddy Piper figure

Convention Destro

Stealer - Tank Driver

Vamp Vehicle

The Dreaded Mutant Clam-Plant

12" Souvenir

Civil War Figure

Scale AT Dogtags

White Underwater Explorer

Display Stand

Red Ninja

Getting the STUFF!

Next in line.

It's in there!

Club Store

Club Store

Convention Destro

12" Shirt back

3 3/4" Shirt Back

Examining The Set

Dealer Check In

Examining the Set

At the Club Store

A Special Item