International G.I.Joe Collectors' Convention 2007
2007 GIJOE in Atlanta
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Saturday Awards Party 2
Sunday Wind Down
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G.I. Joe RC Course
G.I. Joe Obstacle Course
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Thank YOU for a GREAT show!
See you next year!

Hasbro International G.I. Joe Collectors’ Convention
Atlanta, Georgia
September 27 - 30, 2007

Marriott Marquis Hotel
Atlanta, GA

Directions to the Atlanta Marriott Marquis Hotel

UPDATED 10/05/07:
We will be finishing up our coverage later this week at the club site,
so keep watching to see more pictures.

The Rowdy Roddy Piper figures and the Jump Jet two packs are SOLD OUT.
All other Convention items have been put online at the Club here!

UPDATED 10/04/07:
The staff of JoeCon 2007 would like to thank everyone involved for making the Convention
a HUGE success! Special thanks to Hasbro for making G.I. Joe a reality and to Roddy Piper
for making the event even more special. Thanks also the the volunteers without whom the Con
would have been an impossibility. And most of all. thank you to the G.I. Joe Club members and
G.I. Joe fans who make it all a possible. Without you, we couldn't do a show like this.
We hope to see all of YOU next year!

More images are being added so be sure to check back soon to see even more of the fun!

UPDATED 9/28/07:
JoeCon 2007 is off to an exlposive start! Check out the menu at the right of this page -SOON-
to see images of all the exciting events! Saturday morning, the show opens to the general
public! If you can get here, you must make the trip to JoeCon THIS weekend!

UPDATED 9/21/07:
Convention Souveniers? We can't tell you what they are yet, but....
there will be a Limit of 5 of each souvenir item per trip in line Thursday and Friday.

See you at the show!

UPDATED 9/17/07:
Sept. 14th was the cut off date for "attendee" convention packages, you will now have to come to late registration on Friday Sept. 28th @ 7:30AM and take your chances concerning availability.
We do not guarantee anything at late registration.

Both the Convention and Seminar Schedules have been posted!

DEALER TABLES are now SOLD OUT for the show!

UPDATED 9/12/07:
The Marriott has informed us that they will keep the $129 rate open for arrivals starting
on Thursday the 27th and through the weekend as long as rooms are available.
(They are full on the days before the 27th)

We hope to see you all in Atlanta in a few short weeks.!

UPDATED 8/28/07:
The convention in Atlanta is coming up soon and there are a few cut off dates I need to remind you about.

September 1, is the cut off date for the receipt of any checks for packages for the convention. In addition, this is also the cut off date for all of the tours, as we have to make final preparations. Sometimes you can get on a tour after that date IF we have space on the bus and can get venue tickets. This is the limiter.

September 3, is the cut off for the group room rate. If you wait until after that date to make your reservation, they will not honor the $129 rate. Even though we are at 150 per cent of the room block, the hotel is still making accommodations for our attendees. Please let us know if you have any problems.

September 14, is the cut off date for convention packages, as we have to process your paperwork and name badges. After that date, you will have to come to late registration on Friday Sept. 28th and take your chances concerning availability. We do not guarantee anything at late registration.

Please fax or mail your registration forms as soon as possible as this helps us plan for your arrival. Forms are available on the the menu left side of this site.

For non-attending folks: If you order your package before Sept 14th, there is no additional shipping (other than the normal additional shipping for foreign orders). If you wait until we put the remainder of stock into the store (some items will be sold out), shipping will be additional.

This will be a great show and I hope to see you all there - thanks for your support!

UPDATED 8/01/07:
The reveal of the card art for the Rowdy Roddy Piper 3 3/4" begins today!
Click Here to go to the preview page!

UPDATED 7/30/07:
Be sure to check out the photos of this year's awesome 2007 12" G.I. Joe Souvenir figure !
Click Here to go to the preview page!

UPDATED 7/27/07:
Be sure to check out the photos of this year's awesome 2007 12" G.I. Joe figure set!
Click Here to go to the preview page!

Also, if you plan to enter a contest at JoeCon 2007, you can download the rules
and judging forms from the main menu on left hand side of this page.

UPDATED 7/27/07:
All figures from the 2007 3 3/4" Convention Set are online for viewing!
Click Here to check out the preveiw!

UPDATED 7/17/07:
The hotel room block is now 92% full!
Don't delay in making your reservation at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta:
Click here for Room Reservations!

Sponsored by Hasbro & the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club

And in assciation with





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