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This is the 2007 Joe-Con 3 3/4" set package art! This year's box holds all 15 figures and depicts a
scrapbook page with momentos and photos from a particular mission in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
The art is full of references to characters in the set and visual references to G.I. Joe from the 80s.
Who's scrapbook is it? Maybe someone out there can tell US!
Here is a photo showing all FIFTEEN figures from the 2007 G.I. Joe Convention set!
Click this small image to see a REALLY big version! might make a nice desktop image...
Scroll down to see shots of the individual figures and read their filecards.


UPDATED 7/26/07:
There have been numerous requests on the G.I. Joe Club's message board for photos of the some of
the figures without their helmets. Here are GRUNT, Lt. CLAY MOORE and SPARKS up close!

UPDATED 7/25/07:
We wanted everyone to get a better look at the unique design of this year's Con set box.
Everyone can see the top of the box depicts a page from some G.I. Joe Team Member's scrapbook,
but these images show that the side panels carry the theme forward as well: showing the edges
of the 'pages' underneath and the 'spiral binding' on the 'spine' of the 'book'.

UPDATED 7/22/07:
This is a composite image showing all three COBRA figure 'types' that come in the 2007 set. Lt. Clay Moore
there in the center is a unique figure in the set, as is the female officer on the left with red hair. There will be 6 of
the female trooper shown on the right - two blonde, two brunette, and two with yet another color hair.
Click the image to see a larger version.

UPDATED 7/21/07:
This is a composite image showing all 7 of the G.I. Joe Team members that are included
in the 15 figure set! The three figures that have "Snow BLizzard Camo" are grouped
in order to show how work together visually. We think this set has a great nostalgic feel
while also bringing some new things to the table. Click the image to see a LARGER version.
Don't miss out in this excting and unique set. Remember, if cannot attend JoeCon, you may still
purchase a set which will be sent to you around two weeks after the event. Simply
download the registration form, fill it out indicating the non-attending package and FAX
it to our offices. Next update you will see a group of COBRA figures.

UPDATED 7/20/07:
Here is the final figure from the 3 3/4" 2007 JoeCon boxed set! At long last...
Here is SPARKS! He comes with a weapon and his field radio - complete with microphone,
cable, antennna. Also included in this update is the final file card featuring SPARKS.
Check back later tonight to see a composite image of all seven G.I. Joe Team members!

UPDATED 7/19/07:
This figure has been reunited with his file card! Here he is in all his laser-totin' glory - FLASH!

UPDATED 7/18/07:
The two remaining figures from the 15 figure set are FLASH and SPARKS! Sadly, at this date, we do not
have samples that are correct enough to show. So...tonight we are previewing the file card for FLASH.
We should have correct samples in a few days. Hang tight!
(This filecard image has been moved up to the next update.)

UPDATED 7/17/07:
And now...the next figure from the G.I. Joe Team and the last figure to be shown featuring this year's unique
"Stone Blizzard" Camo pattern! THIS is GRUNT! His helmet is removable and his deco features Ol' Glory.
Now, there are only two more figures from the boxed set left to preview and after that...maybe more surprises!

UPDATED 7/16/07:
Tonight, we briefly step away from the G.I. Joe Team, and move back to the COBRA side of the fence.
This is Lt .Clay Moore! His helmet is removable and he comes with a spring loaded firing weapon!
Our COBRA lineup is now complete! Tomorrow...back to G.I. Joe!

UPDATED 7/15/07:
It's Sunday Night! I hope everyone is well rested because here we go again! Here is the fourth
G.I. Joe figure from the 2007 3 3/4" Con set! Presented for your viewing enjoyment is ZAP!
This figure, like Rock N' Roll, features the "Stone Blizzard" winter camo pattern which fits the Colorado
Rocky Mountains setting for the 'story' of this year's set. This figure comes with a firing spring-loaded weapon.
There are only FOUR more figures from the set left to show. Only one more is left to show that shares this
camo patterm. Who will it be? Tomorrow, though, we move back to the COBRA side of the fence.

UPDATED 7/14/07:
Today we are proud to present the third G.I. Joe figure from the 2007 3 3/4" " Con set!
This is Clutch! This figure really hearkens back to the 80s era with his OD fatigues.
Check out the Manny's Mean Machines logo on the back of his vest! Clutch's
file card is also up featuring the art of Herb Trimpe, but with a couple of details missing
from the text. Come on now! SOMETHING has to be a surprise when you get to Atlanta! :-)

UPDATED 7/13/07:
Who says Friday the 13th is unlucky? Here is the second G.I. Joe figure from he 2007 3 3/4" " Con set!
Her code name is Doc! This head sculpt has never seen before on a 3 3/4" G.I. Joe figure. Once planned by Hasbro,
but never made, Doc is the first African-American woman to be depicted as a 3 3/4" G.I. Joe action figure!

The file cards for the figures previewed so far are now up! These cards are graced by the comic art genius
of Herb Trimpe. Mr. Trimpe drew the first issue of the Marvel G.I. Joe comic WAAAY back in 1982. It's the
cover of that comic to which the center 'photo' on the 2007 box pays tribute.

UPDATED 7/12/07:
Here is the first G.I. Joe figure from he 2007 3 3/4" " Con set! Ladies and Gentlemen...Rock N' Roll!
Also seen here for the first time is the winter camo pattern from this year's set. The pattern has been dubbed
"Stone Blizzard". This pattern is on three of the G.I. Joe figures in the set. The details on the jacket will be
metallic gold in the final production version.

UPDATED 7/11/07:
Here is the second figure from the 2007 3 3/4" " Con set! Shown here is the Female Officer!
She has red hair, silver details on her uniform and features the same new head and torso as the Female Trooper!

UPDATED 7/10/07:
Here is the first image from the 2007 3 3/4" " Con set! Shown here is the Female Trooper
everyone has been aching to see! There are six of these figures in the set with THREE
different hair colors! This figure features a new, never before seen head and torso!

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