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We are proud to present the 2007 Convention 12" Figure Set: 'Terror on the Sea Floor '.
The G.I. Joe Sea Adventurer finds himself in hot water as he is attacked by a hideous under
sea plant monster! The G.I Joe Sea Adventurer is outfitted in full SCUBA gear, clutching
desperately at his Underwater Explorer Vehicle as death itself reaches up from the sea floor!
Reserve yours TODAY by registering as an attending OR non-attending package holder.
Download the order form from the menu at the left of this page.

This set contains:

Super Articulated 12" G.I. Joe figure
Advetnture Team dogtag
Wet Suit jacket
Wet Suit pants
SCUBA fins
SCUBA tanks
SCUBA mask
Dive knife
Knife sheath
  Weight belt
Buoyancy compensator vest
Spear gun
Buoy with flag
Underwater explorer
Ocean expedition crates
Mutant clam plant
Bio-hazard cannister
Convention pin

The SCUBA suit you see is a neoprene type material. It has the basic look of a rubber suit and yet it does
not inhibit the motion or posing of the figure. Both sides of a thin sturdy foam layer are covered
with a synthetic fabric which creates this new approach to underwater gear for G.I. Joe.
While the fabric does have some elasticity, it is not like the thin stretch body suits often used to
represent SCUBA wet suits for action figures. This is something new for G.I. Joe and should
far outlast similar suits made of rubber. Click this image for an even larger version!


This is the 2007 Joe-Con 12" set package art by Larry Selman!

UPDATED 8/24/07

This update features the final previously unshown items from the 2007 12" set. Check back
next week for photos of the set in package!


This is the dive buoy from the 2007 12" set with it's unique deco.


This is 'bio-hazard' container from the 2007 12" set - complete with a warning label in GERMAN!


In the classic AT style, the cannister opens to reveal it's mysterious contents!

UPDATED 7/25/07 (P.M. Edition):

A lot of folks are curious about the material and construction of the wet suit from this set.
A series of images will be released starting tomorrow that reveal this set in full.
For tonight, here's a special image of the Sea Adventurer driving the Underwater Explorer
vehicle in the 'depths of the sea'. If you click this image you will see a LARGE version
which we think makes a pretty cool desktop image! It's a BIG file so click at your own risk.

UPDATED 7/25/07:
This update - A closeup of the Sea Adventurer from the 2007 12" Convention set!
AND...a shot of the Buoyancy Compensator Vest from the set. Check back later tonight
to see something we think you will really enjoy: G.I. Joe on the Underwater Explorer!

UPDATED 7/20/07:
Today's update features a completley NEW item created specifically for this set!
This is a protype of the diving weight belt that will come with the "Terror On The
Sea Floor" Convention set! In final production, the weights will be REAL metal!
This weight belt is something that was always notably missing from the original
12" G.I. Joe line. It was often depicted on package art, but never made for the
SCUBA outfitted figures to actually wear. Now this void has been filled!
(please note - This is a prototype image . The final item may vary.)

UPDATED 7/18/07:
This is another vintage-styled item from the 2007 12" set with a new twist!
The new color and paint scheme are designed to portray metal that has been exposed
to quite a bit of seawater over the years. The text is another new addition to this
traditional Adventure Team storage crate. The sets come with two of these so
the Sea Adventurer can store all his gear while on his way to meet his destiny
in the briney depths!

UPDATED 7/17/07:
Here's a VERY small item that comes with the 2007 12" JoeCon Figure Set...
Your eyes are not deceiving you! That is a 1/6th scale Adventure Team
dogtag pictured next to a conventional AT tag! The 'TINY AT TAG' will
be on a micro beaded chain. This is the FIRST figure set to feature this item.

UPDATED 7/16/07:
Here are two more images of the Back Pack Underwater Explorer Vehicle that comes
in the 2007 12" G.I. Joe Convention figure set - "Terror on the Sea Floor" !
The first image shows the vehicle disassembled for storage and the second image
showsthe 'sled' in it's backpack configuration!

UPDATED 7/14/07:
This update features the amazing Back Pack Underwater Explorer Vehicle! This
item was originally featured in the vintage Adventure Team set "Jaws of Death".
This 'sea sled' has been meticulously reproduced at great expense from a sample of the original
vehicle. The color match is breathtaking and the AT logo is not a sticker that can come off
in water like the original. It is instead printed on the surface of the plastic. We think in many
ways this reproduction is actually nicer than the original as plastic and mold technology
have improved over the last 35 years. The vehicle breaks down into it's component parts
for storage and can also be configured as a back pack that G.I. Joe can wear.

UPDATED 7/13/07:
In the last update you could see a small image of the dive knife from this set. It was shown
only for scale on the Plant-Clam. Here's a better photo of this updated take on a
vintage mainstay!

UPDATED 7/12/07:
It's time for more pics from the 2007 12" Con set! Here is the incredibly hideous and
frighteningly dangerous Mutant Plant Clam! Native sea life exposed to mysterious
substances from long lost experiments has yeilded a creature never seen
before in the murky depths. It's enough to put a person off sea food!

The creature is spring loaded and when the Adventure Team logo button is pressed,
it's 'jaws of death' snap shut. The four tentacles can also grip G.I. Joe at the wrists and ankles.
Has G.I. Joe met his match?

Someone asked us, "Why don't you just show the entire set?". Well, the truth is, we
don't have samples of all the set parts as yet. While we wait for more samples to come
from China we decided to begin showing items that are in hand and pretty much in their
final version. Check back soon as more items will be shown in the days to come!

UPDATED 7/11/07:
Here is the next image from the 2007 12" Con set! This is the depth gauge that comes with
the set. This is the familiar vintage-styled piece, but with a whole new authentic dial deco.
Look closely and you will see a name you SHOULD recognize. Check back soon
as more items will be shown in the days to come!

UPDATED 7/10/07:
Here is the next image from the 2007 12" Con set! This is the spear gun that comes with the set.
"Why is it Adventure Team yellow?", you may ask. Well, in the sales catolog image of this set
from the 70s, the prototype depicted had THIS deco pattern. We thought the color combo
was striking and a great chance to do something "vintage that never was, but almost was"!
Check back soon as more items will be shown in the days to come!

UPDATED 7/09/07:
Here is the first image from the 2007 12" Con set! Pictured here are the air tanks that come
with the set. The color is a very close match to the vintage Adventure Team tanks that
came with Jaws of Death set from the 1970s! This is the first time that vintage-styled SCUBA
tanks have been made in this color as a reprodcution item.Check back soon as more items will be
shown in the days to come!

Sponsored by Hasbro & the G.I. Joe Collectors’ Club




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