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Looking for new GIJoes? Dragon Figures? Ultimate Soldier products? Elite Force from Blue Box? Cotswold Elite Brigade uniformed figures? Older GIJoes from the 1990žs? GOOD STUFF TO GO has them all at low, competitive prices. In addition we offer Real Hero figures and custom uniforms from 3 Zero, Hot Toys, and Soldiers thru Time.

We accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover/Novus, and AMEX; personal checks; or money orders. We now also offer on-line ordering (and a complete listing of all product offerings) through our new web site

All product is shipped within 3 business days, often within 24 hours, via UPS ground service for US shipments and via US Post Office Air Mail, DHL Worldwide or UPS for international shipments. (International shipments are welcome.) US Overnight delivery is available for the price of UPS 3rd day delivery. Other alternative shipping methods are available upon request.

We will take reservations for new products. We never charge a credit card until the day the product is shipped. This allows you to cancel any reservation up until the time an order is shipped. Our Elite Brigade figures are priced at 75% of the Cotswold catalog price (a 25% discount). We will to fill requests for specific hair colors for GIJoes, if we have the desired hair color in stock.

We can be reached on the web at or; or by phone at 913-451-9233 (8AM to 5PM and 7 PM to 9PM Central Time, Monday through Friday or 10AM to 4PM Saturday and Sunday); or via FAX at 913-317-8196.

For a complete catalog of our GIJoe, Ultimate Soldier, Elite Brigade, Dragon, and other products, please click below.

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