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By Thomas Wheeler

Although new Gundam action figures may be in terribly short supply in the United States, the same is not necessarily true for Japan, although they seem to
be coming through only a slightly larger eyedropper even there, with the emphasis continuing to be on the oddball "Advanced" Mobile Suit in Action series based on Gundam SEED.

But a few new faces are turning up overseas, and two of them are new versions
of the very strange-looking QUBELEY Mobile Suit. The original was featured in
Zeta Gundam, and may actually turn up as part of the American collection if we ever get it at all, that is. But these two are from the sequel series, GUNDAM ZZ. They are the AMX-004-2 & AMX-004-3 QUBELEY MK II Mobile Suits.

What sets these apart from the original Qubeley are their colors. the AMX-004-2 is a dark blue, and the AMX-004-3 is a bright red, whereas the original Qubeley was a pearlescent white. As to their backgrounds within the GUNDAM ZZ series, I would like to thank Dave Goellnitz for passing along this information:

First is the dark blue one, Elpeo Ple's custom. Elpeo was a ten year old "newtype" girl, who was first assigned by Axis Neo Zeon this suit to test her newtype skills and which she would eventually pilot it in battle. The suit itself was much like the first Qubeley, only being a slightly upgraded model.

The red one is Ple Two's custom. Ple Two was a clone of Elpeo, who was given
this suit in order to counter Elpeo after her defection to the AUEG. Aside from the color, the two suits are pretty much the same, aside from interntal systems upgrades. Both suits appear in Gundam ZZ.

For those starved for new Gundam toys, I definitely recommend these two. I don't know of any online stores presently carrying them, but I was able to find
them on eBay for a reasonable price.