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By Thomas Wheeler

The popular 8" Master Chief figures, and other similarly-scaled figures, are not the only aspect of the HALO Action Figure collection, based on the mega-hit XBox video game. There's also a series of mini-figures, which much to my surprise, has released another set of mini-Master Chiefs.

This isn't hard to do, since apparently you can choose from a wide variety of basic armor color-schemes in the game, and for that matter, the Master Chief has the ability to even turn invisible. That's a great excuse to make a clear figure.

The mini-Master Chiefs stand just short of 3" in height, so don't expect them to be compatible with your 3-3/4" G.I.Joes -- unfortunately -- unless you're going to work out a storyline where one side or the other hired a bunch of armored midgets. The figures are well made, nicely detailed, and surprisingly well articulated for such small figures. They move at the head, arms, elbows, waist, legs, and knees. Sometimes assembly is a little sloppy. One of my figures has a weird sort of arm there it looks like the elbow pin "missed" the joint a bit. But it still works and doesn't look like it's at risk of falling off or anything.

The first assortment, released last year, included Master Chiefs in Red, Orange, Dark Blue, Light Blue, and Clear. You could also get a Green Master Chief -- arguably the most traditional color for the character -- in another set that included some Covenant aliens and a couple of Marines.

In Series 2 of the mini-figures, the Green Master Chief is back, but, as before, is in a set with other figures. If you want an all Master Chief set, there is a new one, with only the Clear Master Chief repeated from before. The new colors include Black, White, Gold, and Turquoise.

The end result of this is that you can now have mini Master Chiefs that all have large 8" counterparts (Green, Red, Blue, Black, White, and Clear), as well as a grand total of ten different-colored mini-Master Chiefs.

Since we are nearing the release date for HALO 2, I suspect these will be the last original-style Master Chiefs ever produced, and as such they definitely have my recommendation. They're cool little figures from a very popular video game. The figures should be available at specialty shops such as Suncoast, GameStop, and Software Etc.