The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club announces the G.I. Joe Green Beret uniform set!

It is our pleasure to announce the next G.I. Joe Collectors' Club Exclusive! The Green Beret Window Box uniform set! This uniform set will include: bazooka, green beret, fatigue jacket, jungle fatigue pants, camouflage scarf, bazooka rockets, grenades,pistol and holster, M-16, pistol belt, and
field radio.

It will be sold packaged just as you see it here. The edition will be limited to only 1,200 pieces. The Club member price for pre-ordrering this uniform set is $42 ppd. The expected shipping date is approximately February 2007.

This is a piece all vintage G.I. Joe Collectors will want to add to their collection! Hasbro never made a card exactly like this as the entire Green Beret uniform and accessories were never available all on one card... but now they are! We have had many requests for vintage style uniform sets without a figure. Use this set with your extra figures, and extra brown boots. Now you can have the uniform set collectors have all been waiting for!

This is your chance to own a true reproduction G.I. Joe Green Beret set!

Sorry - this set is now SOLD OUT!

Green Beret Card



Dressed Green Beret

(PLEASE NOTE: The accessories and package colors will vary from monitor to monitor. Final product may vary.
Bazooka has spring but cannot fire missles. Figure not included.)





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