G.I. JOE Collectors' Club announces their 2006 Membership figures!
UPDATED - 3.29.06 New Photos Added!

This is the big news a lot of collectors have been waiting for! The G.I. JOE Collectors' Club has announced this years 12" membership figures!

The 3 3/4” figure will be a Nullifier, one of Destro’s Iron Grenadier elite pilots! Nullifiers can fly the antigravity pod by using their brute strength and lightening fast dexterity. Only the elite of the elite can handle these special flying machines. A Nullifier’s diet has been described as a “cardboard like paste” that gives them the special nutrients needed to keep them pumping iron day and night when not in the cockpit.

This is a new version that has never been seen before. He comes with a removable helmet and armor as well as a knife and rifle. Additional Nullifiers will be available for $20 each plus postage. The 12” figure is a totally new direction for the club and we are hoping this concept will provide you with exciting new items for years to come. We are calling this year’s totally new figure the “Foreign Adventurer”. This first time figure will come with a timeless body and a flocked foreign head (same head sculpt as used in the Battle of Kursk convention set). He will be dressed in a tank top and shorts and have the same style flock as the Land, Sea and Air Adventurers done in black. Additional "Foreign Adventurer" figures will sell for $20 each plus postage. This will be the first year that the club will produce an exclusive accessory set for the members’ only free figure. The poly-bagged accessory set will consist of a black jumpsuit, black “leather” jacket with AT emblem, 30 Years of Adventurer metal dog tag, brown boots, side arm and holster. This set will sell for $25 plus postage. If you want to purchase additional figures WITH the accessory set, they will be $35 each plus postage.

The 2006 membership deadline to receive one of these free figures has passed, however, if you join NOW, you may still pre-order these figures by phone. You will then be automatcally eligible to receive a 2007 membership figure FREE in the spring of 2007!

The default figure is the 12” figure. If you have received the 3 3/4” figure in the past, your file will already be marked for the 3 3/4” figure. If you want the 3 3/4” figure or to change your selection, please send an email to angie@mastercollector.com and tell her to mark your file. You can also call the G.I. Joe Collectors' Club at 817-448-9863 to join and to place an order.

Don't miss your chance to own these exclusive G.I. Joe figures!

Sadly, these NEW Nullifier photos were taken after the membership deadline. This final figure prototype arrived from China on 3-29-06.