The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club announces 4th Set in their 3 3/4" quarterly exclusives!

The G.I. Joe Collectors' Club is pleased to offer the FOURTH set of their four quarterly 3 3/4” exclusives: Operation: Flaming M.O.T.H. The storyline is an homage to the cartoon episodes “Satellite Down” and “Revenge of Cobra”. It will have elements from both stories but will not follow the direct story line from either episode. In THIS story, COBRA has knocked the top-secret M.O.T.H. satellite out of orbit. This military satellite was a top-secret laser defense platform that had the potential to disrupt COBRA operations worldwide. Desiring this technology for themselves, COBRA was able to pull the not yet operational M.O.T.H. out of orbit. In order that no one get their hands on this new technology, the satellite was programmed to break into four primary components that would be spread around the globe should it depart from its orbital plane. Now the race is on. Who will get to the pieces first? Joe? Cobra? Only you will know.

Each of the four figure sets will have a story that takes place in a particular quadrant of the globe. The fourth set is the ARCTIC THEATER, which includes the following two figures: SNOW SERPENT COMMANDER and ICE-VIPER. Both vintage style figures are the orginal molds in an exclusive new deco. Each set comes with accessories, filecards and they come in a telescoping box like the G.I. Joe Convention sets, but these boxes are 6” x 6”. Each box features an image of a video monitor with the four teams searching for the downed satellite. Nothing like this has ever been done as a G.I. Joe package and you will want to add all four sets to your collection to complete this great display piece! All 4 box sets will stack atop the others and complete the mission control panel image!

{ Pre-Order now: You can call 817-448-9863 or 1-800-772-6673 }

Here is the first look at the action figures, accessories, filecards and box art for Set # 4:

Knowing is Half the Battle...Facts:

  • The G.I. JOE Collectors' Club successfully located the original molds and tooling for these two action figures!
  • The ICE-VIPER comes with his original Sai's but NOT all of the weapons for SNOW SERPENT were available!

  • (PLEASE note figures and package colors will vary from monitor to monitor.)


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