Walt Disney's Winnie the Pooh
by Brian Savage

This family favorite reunites the entire Pooh cast in a new tale in the 100-acre woods. John Cleese is the narrator who always makes me laugh. The story, as many Pooh adventures focus, is the search for a replacement tail for Eeyore. However, as is usual in the 100 acre woods, someone’s imagination gets the better of everyone and the task soon changes from a contest to replace Eeyore’s tail to one of capturing the feared Backson and rescuing Christopher Robin.

This animated feature is true to the original Pooh concept and is executed quite well. Eeyore’s songs are entertaining but I must say that as great as Bud Lackey is voicing Eeyore, I did miss the talented voice of Peter Cullen.

The version I reviewed was the 2-disc Blu-ray + DVD. What happened to the digital copy? I think for distribution that all Blu-rays should come with all three versions, Blu-ray, DVD, and digital. I don’t know if this will have a download available or not.

The Blu-ray bonus features include a fun sing-along for kids with the bouncing red balloon from the film; The Ballad of Nessie where she finds her new home and a wonderful look at Pooh’s history in Winnie the Pooh and His Story Too (also narrated by Cleese with help from Pooh). It also contains a normal deleted scenes feature and the short: Mini-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Balloon.

The Two Discs: Blu-ray + DVD includes...

* “Mini-Adventures of Winnie the Pooh: The Balloon”.

* “The Ballad of Nessie”.

* Deleted scenes introduced by directors, Stephen Anderson and Don
Hall – 3 deleted scenes including “The Tummy Song,” ”Rabbit’s Friends and Relations” and “Pooh Searches for a Tail”.

* Blu-ray only: “Winnie the Pooh and His Story Too”.