Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy
by Brian Savage

In case you don’t know, Jurassic Park was a film that changed all future special effects technology. If you watch one of the many special features in this Blu-ray edition (Return to Jurassic Park: Dawn of a New Era), you will learn all about how the original film made the leap from stop-motion dinos to CGI dinos, making the trilogy the first film to portray dinosaurs in a realistic setting.

Development of this technology is one of the most significant advances in the film industry since they figured out how to make them talk. I imagine one day, we will see totally CGI movies that look realistic (watch out actors!)

In case you missed this instant classic, it is set on a tropical island where some scientists have discovered how to clone dinosaurs from the blood found in mosquitoes trapped in amber millions of years ago. With this technology, they have used the DNA in the blood to clone an entire “theme park of dinosaurs” where humans can see real, live, creatures from the Jurassic era. As you can guess, something this complex goes haywire and we follow our cast as the try to escape from this disaster. The second and third installments continue the story line with many from the original cast and some terrific newcomers.

The effects today are still terrifying to watch and the sound on this release will blow you away with the DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1! Want to see the water vibrate in a cup on the table beside your chair (just like in the movie?), just turn up the volume. Oftentimes we don’t really realize how important the sound is to a film. Without sound, many special effects would not have an impact at all. It sets the tone, mood and is often more responsible for making us jump than the film footage. In this trilogy, the new sound track is huge!

There are over five hours of special features on the Blu-ray version mostly in the form of Return to Jurassic Park: (Dawn of a New Era, Making Pre-history, The Next Step in Evolution, Finding The Lost World, Something Survived and The Third Adventure). The behind the scenes story told by the filmmakers really shows the complexity of a project like this. It makes you wonder how they thought they could ever pull off a project this immense with such realism, but they certainly did! The rest of the extras are deleted scenes and archival featurettes from previous DVD releases.

This trilogy also comes with additional Blu-ray features such as BD-Live where you can find additional content online, and pocket BLU where you can use your iPad to browse through additional content in an on-the-go-mode. Unfortunately there was so much to watch on this release, I never got into this feature.

In addition, until the end of 2012, you can download digital versions of all three movies and one episode of Jurassic Park: The Game! I love the digital versions coming with the Blu-ray releases. I think all movies should come packaged this way.

This release comes with so much; you could literally spend a couple of days, just watching Jurassic Park. I guess after that, you’ll be a dino-expert! I highly recommend that you get it today at a retailer near you!