Disney - Pixar Cars 2
by Brian Savage

I must admit that when my kids wanted me to take them to see this movie at the theatre, I was so not wanting to go... but I'm glad I did and very happy to see that Cars 2 has now come out on Blu-ray and DVD!

Wow! What a fantastic animated movie! In my personal opinion, Cars 2 blew the original Cars movie off the road! The writing was top notch, the animation as fine as anything Pixar has done and the story, quite the friendship tale (with a twist of international espionage)!

There is a reason this has been the top animated film at the box office in 2011 (with over $500 million gross so far). Once again, Disney and Pixar prove that they can write and produce quality films with quality stories with a G rating. I wish more people would hire Dan Fogelman to write for them. He is quite gifted.

In this tale you will join Lightening McQueen and his best friend Tow Mater as they take on Francesco Bernoulli in a three race Gran Prix to find the best racer in the world. Mater gets accidentally mixed up in an international plot by the lemons of the world to dominate the world’s fuel supply after he draws McQueen into this challenge match and this is where it get’s really interesting. I won’t tell you anymore but you can probably figure out who saves the day!

The version I reviewed was the 2-disc Blu-ray + DVD. What happened to the digital copy? I think for distribution that all Blu-rays should come with all three versions, Blu-ray, DVD, and digital. This release also comes in a 5 disc set which has 2 Blu-rays(?), 1 3D Blu-Ray, 1 DVD and 1 Digital disc and an 11 disc collectors edition (both movies) and will be available for download.

The bonus features were a bit light as it had a Toy Story short “Hawaiian Vacation” and a pre-view of the upcoming Planes movie along with the normal director’s commentary.