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Doll News October 23, 2003

By John Medeiros

Wintertime Wonderland Collection

The Bratz are Chilllin' on the Slopes

Snow is on the ground and that can only mean one thing: it's time to experience the winter season, Bratz style! Join all the girls with a Passion for Fashion as they bundle up and hit the slopes. Specific "sport n' style" item ensures that each girl brings a little something extra to make the fun a little more fashionably sporty! With over 15 accessories, plus the hottest fashions ever, these gals are ready for winter in style.

Just in time for the holidays, The Wintertime Wonderland Bratz are going to find their way under many trees this year.

These great dolls have frosty, winter look full of cozy fur, icy tinged fabrics and sugar-plum lipstick. You gotta love the furry white carry handle on the box!

The girls available in the series are Jade, Yasmin, Cloe, Dana and Sasha. No Boyz on the slopes.guess it's a "girl" weekend!

The two I have for review are Cloe and Dana. All the sets come "gift set" style including a dressed doll with mix and match outfits and tons of accessories.

Cloe's items are in sky blue, burgundy and dusty rose shades. She comes dressed in buff corduroy slacks with furry blue leg warmers over blue boots. The burgundy belt is made of a sparkle vinyl and she wears a dusty rose turtleneck with rust and plum detailing. Her quilted and shimmer blue coat is trimmed in faux white fur. Her Sherpa style ski cap with ear flaps is boldly striped with all the colors included in the set. She carries a dusty rose vinyl bag with plum trim.

Her extra outfit includes a mini skirt, pale blue shimmer leggings, white sweater with burgundy quilted vest-both trimmed in white shimmer fur.

Accessories include tall white winter boots with buff detailing, glittery burgundy woven scarf with matching mittens, baby blue fur ear muffs, light blue backpack with silver snowflake detailing, cell phone, lipstick, sunglasses, baby pig collectible keychain, brush and hot chocolate. Her "thing to bring" accessory is a fabulous snowboard.

Dana's color scheme leans to the purples, lavenders, eggplant and brown. She wears midnight purple sparkle plush coat with furry lilac trim over off-white corduroy slacks with glitter white belt and multi-striped turtleneck. Her furry leggings match the trim on her coat and she wears denim and tan winter boots with a lavender travel bag. Top it off with a smart knit ski cap and she has "the look".

Her other mix and match garments are a salmon quilted miniskirt, navy tights, tan knit pattern sweater, quilted lavender satin coat with eggplant glitter fur trim, knit scarf in shades of violet and purple, leopard pattern plush earmuffs with matching mittens , lavender and purple satin backpack and tall tan winter boots.

Her fun accessories are a toboggan, baby seal collectible keychain, cell phone, lipstick, sunglasses, hair brush and hot chocolate.

MGA continues to "up the bar" with the Bratz line. They are so full of the thing little girls like and they are well made so that Moms and other adults can enjoy them as well.