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Power Team's 12" Play Set Line Expands

By John Medeiros

For the past few years, M&C Toys has been producing a line of 12" military figures that have provided collectors with a realistic and authentic look at a lower price point than the Dragons and BBi produced equivalents. In 2004, they continue with some great new figures and accessory loaded play sets.

The first play set I got from them several years ago was the 12" scale Army Command Center and hospital. To this day, I use this headquarters in photo shoots and the front of the building cannot be beat as a backdrop for a display shelf.

This year, I received the World Peacekeepers ATV set, the Trailwalker play set and my favorite, the Military Life play set. All three sets come with a figure and are loaded with gear and accessories.

The figures are the new body version with over 30 points of articulation. The Military Life figure has flesh toned hands while the ATV and Trailwalker's are black gloves. All are blond, strong and youthful looking with realistic face sculpts.

First up is the ATV set. The vehicle itself is terrific. Detailed, weathered with mud splatter and lots of cargo room. Front and rear suspension adds to the fun. The soldier comes dressed in camouflaged uniform with real snaps and functional flap pockets, matching helmet with chin strap, boots, and belt and scale dog tags. I particularly like this figure as it reminds me of the actor who played Chance in the last season of "24", one of my favorite shows.

His accessories include an equipment crate that opens for storage, mortar launcher with working bipod, binoculars and weapon

with accessories.

The Trailwalker set is actually a two-figure play set. You get a World Peacekeeper figure dressed in woodland camouflage with matching bush hat, boots. belt and dog tag. You also get his pack mule. This cool critter is also articulated in 9 places and features a fur like mane and tail. The massive amount of accessories included with this set include a quilted mummy sleeping bag, pillow, horse blanket, bedroll, weapon with accessories, technical walking stick, radio, molded backpack, campfire with roasting spit and chicken, MREs, lots of cook wear, canteen, mess kit, smoke flare, light signal, ammo box with ammo, duffel bag and gear securing straps for the mule.

The Peacekeeper that comes with the Military Life set is outfitted in desert camouflage with a matching helmet, tan boots dog tags and belt. He gets the comfort of a set of bunk beds and locker. His barracks gear include a blanket, pillow, molded backpack, green tee-shirt, gray shorts, slipper/sandals, cup, toothbrush, shave brush, razor, towel, guitar, weapon with accessories and four hangers for the locker.

No matter how you slice it, M&C is hard to beat for great military play sets at wallet friendly prices. Their releases are great for kids, dads, collectors and everybody who likes to play with their figures and dolls. Each year, they get better and better and manage to keep the price down, bringing in many new fans. There is even a Yahoo Club for Power Team fans located at