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Bratz Sportz-These Girls Got Game!

by John Medeiros

"Stand back 'cuz the Bratz are rockin' their all-time favorite sports...showin' the world that it's not just about how you play, but about how hot you look when you win."

MGA has released a new collection that proves that the Bratz are as much about athletics as they are about fashion. The new line takes out favorite Bratzpack galz and features them in sport settings. Slammin' Soccer, Groovin' Golf, Blazin Bowlin' and Rockin' Cheerleadin" feature the Bratz injecting the sports world with their special passion for fashion. If this series is as successful as I think it will be, maybe Kickin' Karate, Fabulous Football and Bodacious Baseball are not far off. Perhaps the Bratz Boyz might even be involved.

Rockin' Cheerleadin' features Sasha dressed in a totally trendy cheerleader uniform. Her hip-hugging pleated turquoise vinyl mini skirt features a wide black waist panel with a silver lightning and stud design. The white trimmed black top also features silver stud detailing and a mesh tee accent. Her black sneakers are classic vintage Converse style with turquoise trim to accent her skirt.

Sasha's eye paint picks up the turquoise coloring and her lipstick is a light metallic pink. Her rooted hair is light brown with copper highlights and is tied in two wavy ponytails.

What I love most about the set is the two multicolor Mylar metallic pompoms. These are made of a rainbow of tinsel and are easily attached to the doll's hands.

The colorful game field box also contains a standard black Bratz star shaped hairbrush and a special collectible Sasha sticker.

One of the things I like best about the various Bratz collections (and there is LOTS I like about these dolls) is that MGA is really geared towards instilling collector values in young people. They keep the like fresh, varied and in tune with today's kids and their fashion trends. At the same time, they include special "collectible" features like little bonus accessories, numbering and limiting certain releases and using collector-friendly and appealing eye-candy packaging. It is no wonder they have outsold Mattel's Barbie for a few years running. In the fashion doll arena, MGA is still champion.