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Bratz Treasures-Causin' a Commotion

by John Medeiros

"Causin' a commotion in the city, sand or ocean!"

Stomp 'em with your scorchin' sense of style, as you deck out in the hottest vintage vagabond fashions, and uncover a rockin' new look to treasure forever! The recent wave of interest in all things pirate has washed up some new fashion buccaneers on toy shelf stores.

Films like "Pirates of the Caribeean" have stirred up a pirate's treasure chest of influence on pop culture. It is especially evident in the fashion world. Leave it to MGA to bring it to their Bratz line in a fabulous new "Treasures Collection".

The collection features three dolls: Cloe, Yasmin and newcomer Roxxi in pirate inspired fashions and also includes a Scorchin' Sea Scooter. The dolls come in the gift set style packaging and include an additional outfit as well as a treasure chest of accessories, hair brush, additional feet and a collectible poster.

Roxxi is my favorite doll in the series. Her long auburn hair is jazzed up with raven black braids in front. Her deep plum lips and lavender eyes are really set off by her hair color. I also like her beauty spot left of her lips. Roxxi comes packaged in a trendy black miniskirt with a ragged sheer overlay. Her belt is a black leatherette and silver hoop design.

The white teeshirt features ragged black netting shoulder straps and a glitter anchor design festooned with the word "Couture". Het black studded leather-look high boots are topped of with black and white nautical striped knee stockings. Her bandana style hat is fabulous. Made with a black satin border, it features a black and white pirate print fabric showing a pirate captain's head with eye patch.

Her purse stays with the theme and resembles a sea bag made from black netting , black patent bottom and a white rope strap. She wears burgundy hoop earrings and silvertone bangle bracelets.

Her additional outfit is equally inspired with well-worn sand-blasted denim clam-diggers, a tattoo inspired black "Bratz Forever" tanktop and black and burgundy silver studded sandal feet. The collectible treasure chest accessory is lots of fun and holds a real Bratz bounty. Inside the small detailed chest you can stash the plum shade sunglasses, black studded arm band, burgundy and white striped bracelet, and purple and black striped dangle earrings. Her plum colored hair brush matches her accessories.

Collectors will love the treasure chest key shaped handle on the box. As usual MGA has made sure the packaging totally reflects the collection's theme.